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ESP32 Serial Interface Modernizes Old Equipment !NEW!

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ESP32 Serial Interface Modernizes Old Equipment !NEW!

The CH340 series of chips do exactly what you would expect them to do: a full-speed USB device that emulates a standard serial interface, with speeds from 50bps to 2Mpbs. The chip supports 5V and 3.3V, and all the weird modem lines are supported. This chip even has an IrDA mode, because wireless communication in the 90s was exactly as rad as you remember.

This work consists of the development of a meter of consumption and quality of electric energy. The device helps the consumer to monitor their spending, informs the consumption of each circuit that makes up the household electrical grid, determines the power quality parameters and records the outbreaks. In addition, allow the remote identification, through the internet, of the electric energy consumption of the various equipment connected in these circuits. This work presents a simple and functional non-intrusive method to measure the consumption of electric energy, so that it can be applied in energy efficiency programs, being the interface that feeds the consumer with information on the expenses of the various loads.

Renewable energy is already a reality in Brazil and there are more and more records of the implementation of wind farms and photovoltaic systems supporting the national development regarding the availability of electricity. This fact has been driven by the growing research and development of more efficient materials and equipment, as well as the creation and updating ofnormsandstandardsaimedatpromotingtheuseofthesetechnologies. Thus,thepurpose of this work is the creation of a WEB application associated with a microcontrolled system, accessed by the world wide web, which enables the user to monitor the power generation of his photovoltaic system, providing efficient management of the same and invoices. to be generated. This application will be developed in PHP programming language, which will serve as a human-machine interface, where will be shown the data from a hardware developed jointly with the application, which will contain all the sensors necessary to capture electrical and environmental quantities. The solar plant collection values can be stored at various points such as the system database. From these data, it will be possible to compare the electrical quantities, such as the energy generated with the environmental data that the studied system will be installed. Because there is a close relationship between these values and this will let you know if the system was well designed, or for example, which months the photovoltaic system is most efficient from the perspective of the influence of temperature and, additionally, whichlocationsaremostsuitableforinstallationofaPVsystem. Inaddition, this application may be used in industries that have photovoltaic systems installed on their premises, since the information that will be provided by the application may serve some sectors of the company such as: maintenance, by checking the power generation efficiency of the plant. system; and financial, from the data obtained, to see if really the system is being efficient in reducing energy costs. 153554b96e


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