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2 Phones 1 Contract Vodacom __FULL__

I was deceived by a consultant in connection with a contract for Fibre. I still have my chat with him over whatsapp which I forward to your dept. I told for R900 I purchased a 20mb line with uncapped data and after 700gigs they will throttle me to a 5mb line but instead I am now being charge 850 for 500gigs and throttled to 2mb line. When I questioned the consultant he says unfortunately that was what he ws told to say by vodacom I have called vodacom and I am still waiting for an answer from them.

2 Phones 1 Contract Vodacom

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I upgraded online bought an HP laptop now i can't login it gives an error message that says "smart hard disk error" i went to vodacom shop in benoni lakeside the told me that they don't fix laptops i must call Platinum warranty i did that they said sent an email that i must send proof of purchase/tax invoice/delivery note/till slip the person that sent an email was Lu-nique April then i've sent the tax invoice they rejected the invoice saying they don't want a monthly invoice second time i sent a delivery note still April rejected it I called Vodacom finance they sent me a quote invoice as it got I forwarded it to April still it was rejected. i went to the shop to request a till slip or proof of purchase they told me unfortunately i bought the item online they can't assist me with anything they can't even organize the platinum warranty since they're working in partners just to log a job card to them to come and collect the laptop for repair now i'm sitting with thing that is not working but they are deducting every month what kind of a service you are rendering to your clients

Good day I called the upgrade department to find out when I was due for a upgrade the guy told me 2 of my contract can upgrade now and so I did the upgrade... He then told me end off may I'm still gonna pay for the two old contracts but end of June I'm paying only the 2 new contracts now the billing me for 4 phones the 2 old ones and then the 2 new ones.... I was miss informed during the upgrade time.... I logged a call 10 june then a lady phoned me back and said the problem was on vodacom site they will correct the account but since then I only logging calls with no outcome... If they told me I would pay for 4 phone I would not have done the upgrade PLEASE HELP CAUSE VODACOM CUSTOMER CARE DON'T WANNA HELP

Since January we have sent some documentation through Vodacom Savannah Mall Polokwane to get the vodacom contract phone unblacklisted its now 15/07/2019 and nothing has happened, time and again the documentation has been sent to several people, and this has to stop either you get the phone unblacklisted or the necessary steps to the ombudsman will be taken, this is not acceptable, the poorest service again from vodacom.

As an vodacom red client im very dissapointed, my account was in arrears which i have paid now. the new month subscription is now been added before they can reconnect the servicse, but the new amount is only due on the 29th july.This is my bussiness phone and vodacom nows this but they treat you like shit, Ive been with you guys for almost 20 years and this is the treatment, need my phone to be connected asap0824506058Mr T. Momberg

There were an illegal upgrade more than a month back and with the help of a super person we booked refs and we got the matter send to the fraud department. They on their turn as useless as they are that the credit will be added to my wife's vodacom account After it was stated to them to pay it to her bank account, also that it was never updated on the system by no one only a mail stating they will credit the account.They have transferred me from fraud department to accounts to you know what every time an empty promise. Wonderfully i get an Ref number every time that someone just closes the next day and the the notes (wrong department). To be truthfully we were no one day forward than the month and a half ago. To make this short this is pathetic service from everyone at vodacom, the only one trying is the person at the vodacom shop with limited resources to his disposal. Please return to me with also the CEO details, i want to give him all the Persons i had to talk to that cant do their work. Maybe with them less Vodacom can be a better service provider

I have been using Vodacom for more than 15 years, but the service that I got after taking up your contract is beyond unprofessional and not acceptable. I have recently ( more or less two months ago) taken the sim card only contract with you but via mondo deals. When I took this contract the terms and condition were read for me during the signing up stage and which I accepted them . I remember asking the consultant from mondo about any changes that will take place because of this contract and he told me that nothing will change except the fact that I will what i have signed for and R 249 be debited on the 20th of each, but the rest will remain the same. I have later learned that I am not longer earning talking points, I called Vodacom to inquire about this , and I was told the contract sims do not earn points of which it is understable, but the problem was when I asked about the points that I have earned before taking the contract and I was told that I have forfeited them, that is when my nightmare started. I told them that I was not told about this when I took this contract and that I want my points back , I had more than 1000 points when i took this contract if I was told that I am going to lose them I was going to redeem them before taking any contract. I was informed by Vodacom Customer Service ( The name of the consultant : Angel) that they will lodge an investigation into this matter and will come back to me, after that she would call me and ask if I have not been called about this matter and would tell her that No unless if I might have missed their call, two weeks ago I got a call from Vodacom asking about the service that I got , as I was trying to figure out about which service is she referring to , the phone cut and later on I got an sms saying that my query has been closed. I then initiated on Friday about the progress of my query it was indeed confirmed that it has been closed, I nearly fainted from the disbelief, how could a big company like Vodacom close a query like that , the lady failed to tell it was closed, she said they did not put any rationale why it was closed, she then told me that I must contact mondo about this, I told her that Mondo referred me to Vodacom. This whole situation is tiring , I'm being sent from pillar to post with nothing concrete coming out of this. I still maintain that I need my points back , to earn 1000 points one must have spent more or less R10000.00, so please guys let us do the right thing.

hi, i have been using my vodacom number for more than 10years on prepaid then i took a data package which a consultant had called me and advised it was for 12 months. after 12months complete i thought my contract is over as no one had explained the terms fully that i need to send a letter of cancellation even thou i was told term is only 12months. my number would get blocked and reinstated after this 12months until my number was deleted and i was advised it is not possible to get the number back. its been a year having to explain to clients as to why i have a whatsapp number different from my current number :-(. now to my surprise my number exsists again assisgned to someone else but i had been told there is no way to ever get this number back . Vodacom has really failed us as we luv the Company but the service we receive is very bad. i am sure my number could have been assisgned back to me even if they had advised for a extra cost i would have paid as i have lost alot of clients and i now want my number back as this lady has been using my number for a few weeks now. please assist and give me back my number

I have 3 contract with vodacom, the complain that i have is going to take me the whole day to type,i have experience a very bad service,calling every day trying to get help with my query ,i have going pillar to post for the past 3 day up until today without anyone helping me promised to be called,asking to speak to the manager hopping to get help i was the managers are in the meeting they will call me back.the thing is i have been using vodacom for a very longtime to experience such a service,is hurting so much to pay the account every month but when u need help everyone is telling different stories.all i need is to get help as much as i pay every month please.

I regret the day I renewed my Vodacom cell phone contract. Vodacom has phoned me every day, up to 4 times per day, while I am on rounds, seeing my patients or in theatre. Always trying to sell ANOTHER data bundle, another contract...How do I cancel my contract to avoid this harassment and telemarketing?

i spoke to petuguhle and was able to assist me when i was doing a follow up on behalf of my fiance and i spoke to the other today and that guy helped me also now Aubry is telling he cant help me and was being very rude so rude i was irritated that i had to drop the phone on him i hope vodacom will do something about this your consultants in the after sales are very rude

I have been without fibre almost 24 hours - cant work no internet and voip phones cant work - why is no-one getting back to me - I am losing business - tv cant work why switch to new technology if VODACOM KEEPS PASSING THE BUCK?SR 190709/541790

I have contacted Vodacom to downgrade my package as I have NOT been using my minutes, Data and sms', I have had a work phone for the last year now and needed to downgrade as I was NOT using the Vodacom contract and was losing money. I was downgraded with the assistance of the very nice lady, however I found out now, my original contract was due to be renewed end Dec 2019 now that the downgrade was done I have been pushed back 2 years again until upgrade time. Also I have noticed ALL my data, Minutes and sms' have fallen away due to the downgrade. I was NOT informed on the fact that my upgrade time was moving out 2 years and I was NOT informed of losing my Date, minutes and sms'. I have logged several calls with Vodacom and each time I get an sms to say the issue has been resolved without anyone speaking to me.. I even logged a ticket to advise I wanted a manager to call me as this is unacceptable and I requested the TICKET NOT be CLOSED, yet once again I received a message that the ticket was resolved. When I call 082 111 I don't get through tot he correct persons or the phone cuts out, this is UNACCPTABLE. I am about to take this further if Vodacom does not FIX this issue. this is POOR customer service!! If you are NOT able to get hold of me on my cell as I am in and out of meetings then please email me so that I can respond via email and please SEND ME A CONTACT NUMBER THAT WORKS. 041b061a72


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