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the method cracktvpaintanimationpro is a method of the uiconstraintbasedlayout class. it is used to create a set of views and associated constraints that create a simple animation in which a uiview begins with a given frame and ends with another given frame. the animation is created by animating the views' frames using a constraint that links them together and to the controller.

call the cracktvpaintanimationpro method on the uiconstraintbasedlayout object. this method requires two parameters: a uiview and a uiviewcontroller. it will create the animation in which the first view will appear in the given frame, and then will animate to the next frame, and so on. the view will appear on screen for the duration of the animation.

cracktvpaintanimationpro is a simple-to-use tool that can create a paint animation animation for any android device. with it you can create an animation that will make your android device appear cracked!

for devices that have been rooted, you should first download and install cracktvpaintanimationpro. if you're running a newer version of android and/or have already installed it, you can skip this step.

to create a paint animation, simply go to the about menu, tap the my applications button, and then tap on the cracktvpaintanimationpro application. you'll then be prompted to select a paint animation you've created. you can then tap the done button to create your paint animation. if you tap the save button, the paint animation you created will be saved to your phone's sd card, and you can then use it to create a paint animation for your device. 3d9ccd7d82


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