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K-Devices Shaper 2 [WiN-OSX] REPACK

Shaper is a multi-fx processor designed to let you redefine or totally destroy any kind of sound source.Shaper version 2 brings our classic waveshaper / multi fx everywhere: Shaper 2 comes now as VST, AAX, and Audio Unit!

K-Devices Shaper 2 [WiN-OSX]

Shaper 2 is a multi-fx plugin that combines a waveshaper with a multi-fx processor. It is a special kind of multi-effects processor that can destroy your sounds or enrich them classically with additional harmonics. The plugin offers four freely-assignable slots for processors. The possibility of re-arranging these in any order you like makes the plugin very flexible and versatile.

K-Devices was founded in 2012 by France-based Italian composer Alessio Santini to design music creation tools for Ableton Live and other music platforms. His products, which include HEXO, ESQ, Twistor, MOOR, Holder, HERSE, AutoBeat, Drumk 2, REF, Shaper, Moovmi, EXT, KFLUX, KFLUXin, and KFLUXsy, are used by an international roster of musicians and are available online at

Thanks to the modular structure of the plug-in, you can freely rearrange the waveshaper, transform, glitch gate and resonator modules. This increases the sonic possibilities quite dramatically.

All you need to add a personal (destructive!) touch to your sounds is here. Emphasize your basslines working with waveshaper's sections blend and color, or increasing the clip's value (this works great also on drums and acoustic percussive sounds). Blow digital coldness to your synths going wild with S&M and Bits&Samps functions, or increasing wrap or fold values. Add unpredictable dynamic glitches thanks the exclusive gate. Shaper is your digital edge.

Shaper is composed of several modules that you can rearrange as you wantA glitch gate, now with a Smooth parameterA waveshaper with five inspiring functions: Muffin, Multistress, Cracker, S&M, Bits&SampsA transform module with Clip, Wrap, Fold, and old functionsA resonator/short delay that can act as a comb filter tooNew addiction of version 2, a lowpass/highpass filter, let's adjust the processed sound

Host shaper register is per host port registerwhich sets a shaper on the host port.All VF/host PF representors belonging to one host port share one host shaper.For example, if representor 0 and representor 1 belong to the same host port,and a host shaper rate of 1Gbps is configured,the shaper throttles both representors traffic from the host.

When deferring to the available descriptor threshold trigger,the shaper is not set until an available descriptor threshold eventis received by any Rx queue in a VF representor belonging to the host port.The only rate supported for deferred mode is 100Mbps(there is no limit on the supported rates for immediate mode).In deferred mode, the shaper is set on the host port by the firmwareupon receiving the available descriptor threshold event,which allows throttling host traffic on available descriptor threshold eventsat minimum latency, preventing excess drops in the Rx queue.

In order to configure host shaper register,librte_net_mlx5 depends on libmtcr_ulwhich can be installed from MLNX_OFED mstflint package.Meson detects libmtcr_ul existence at configure stage.If the library is detected, the application must link with -lmtcr_ul,as done by the pkg-config file libdpdk.pc.

There is a command to configure the available descriptor threshold in testpmd.Testpmd also contains sample logic to handle available descriptor threshold events.The typical workflow is:testpmd configures available descriptor threshold for Rx queues,enables avail_thresh_triggered in host shaper and registers a callback.When traffic from the host is too highand Rx queue emptiness is below the available descriptor threshold,the PMD receives an eventand the firmware configures a 100Mbps shaper on the host port automatically.Then the PMD call the callback registered previously,which will delay a while to let Rx queue empty,then disable host shaper.

The first command disables the current host shaperand enables the available descriptor threshold triggered mode.The other commands configure the available descriptor thresholdto 70% of Rx queue size for both Rx queues.

When traffic from the host is too high,testpmd console prints log about available descriptor threshold event,then host shaper is disabled.The traffic rate from the host is controlled and less drop happens in Rx queues.

To draw, you can use the shaper tool and create vector shapes. Geometric shapes can be added to other outlines and can be moved, reshaped, and scaled. Even the fonts in the software can be manipulated according to your needs by adjusting their weight, slant, or width. For beginners, Adobe provides professionally designed templates to save time. The user interface of the program is helpful, but there is a steep learning curve to get good at illustrator.

So here's Compassion; going way beyond modelling and giving you a tool thatimparts massive dynamic control. I didn't stop at compression; I kept on going throughgate/expanders, upwards expansion/compression, an absurdlyflexible sidechain, parallel compression, frequency-conscious and frequency-specificcompression (dynamic EQ style), overcompression, the ability to SHAPE your attack/releasecurves, a transient shaper, a hybrid clip-limiter module, the list goes on... 041b061a72


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