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Buy Cast Iron Dutch Oven


Buy Cast Iron Dutch Oven

With our seasoned cast iron bakeware collection, it's easy to make homemade baked goods and casseroles that rival your favorite bakery and restaurants. Check out our bakeware items as well as colorful baking accessories!

No big surprise that the company famous for its cast iron skillets has its enameled cast iron Dutch oven game down. We love this Lodge Dutch oven for most people because of its affordability, durability and quality cooking.

A good Dutch oven lasts forever; a Great Jones Dutch oven is your best friend forever. Our 6.75-quart enameled cast-iron Dutchess moves gracefully from stove to oven to table centerpiece.

You would be right to assume that the Dutch were responsible for the popular piece of cookware. The Kitchn indicates that the design originates from the Netherlands, where in the 17th century, a revolutionary mold made of sand was developed for casting metal. The resulting smooth finish was ideal for iron cookware that spent hours over heating up over a fire. Nowadays the pot is made around the world but nevertheless, the name stuck.

At a quick glance, a Dutch oven looks like a stockpot made from cast-iron instead of stainless steel. Indeed, the two have similarities in appearance such as tall walls and two handles. However, Cookware Insider explains that a stockpot is taller and lighter, ideal for holding a lot of ingredients and liquid. This makes it a great option for soups, broths, and any recipe that requires you to pour off the liquid. Meanwhile, Dutch ovens tend to be shorter and much heavier, making it challenging to drain off excess liquid.

Handles made of non-heat resistant materials such as plastic or wood are the main issue regarding oven use for Dutch oven (via Dutch Ovens Cookware). OvenSpot recommends informing yourself regarding your specific model of Dutch oven because there are even differences in heat resistance within the same manufacturer. Dutch Ovens Cookware indicates that popular models generally range from 375 to 500 F when it comes to heat resistance. Let's face it, unless you are regularly cooking over an open fire, 500 F should be hot enough for your needs. If you're looking for more, Oven Spot suggests seeking out seasoned cast-iron. Heat resistant up to 700 F, it will cover even the most experimental home cook applications.

Although the distinction is not commonly specified, Allrecipes clarifies that a Dutch oven is a cast-iron vessel while a French oven is coated with enamel. Pure cast-iron is highly praised by cooks, however, it needs to be treated with care in order to stand the test of time. Everything Kitchens points out that the material's durability makes it an option for campfire cooking. If you've ever cooked with cast-iron then you will know that the surface affects flavor to a certain extent. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for cooking highly acidic foods so if tomato sauce is regularly featured in your cooking repertoire, then you might want to rethink bare cast-iron.

If you already have a pure cast-iron pan then you know that it must first be seasoned. Taste of Home recommends spreading vegetable oil over the lid and pot with a paper towel. Then, bake it for one hour in an oven at 400 F, letting it cool for 30 minutes with the oven off before removing it. This step helps create a non-stick surface while preventing rust.

You can use a cast-iron Dutch oven for various one-pot meals, baking, slow-cooking, and roasting. Both the Dutch oven and the lid work with temperatures as high as 500F so you can use them on stovetops as well as in the oven. To prevent your hands and surfaces from getting burnt, this Uno Casa Dutch oven comes with 2 silicone handle holders and a silicone mat, both can handle the heat up to 450F.

If you are looking for a durable, versatile piece of cookware to make your cooking easier, an excellent choice is this type of Dutch oven. Cast iron cookware is durable, it retains heat for hours, and distributes it eve


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