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Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes PATCHED

Avalanche Software started working with Marvel Entertainment, after it was acquired by Disney in 2009, about developing a game featuring Marvel superheroes, in 2011.[43] The conception of the game started immediately after the acquisition, as Disney Infinity 2.0's executive producer, John Vignocchi commented "As soon as the acquisition happened we started having conversations about Marvel. I giggle that I know the date, because I checked in via Foursquare at Marvel. So that's how I knew, that was the first time we sat down with Joe Quesada."[43] Avalanche developed a demo in October 2013, which featured the Marvel superhero Iron Man flying through a rudimentary city.[43] The demo was later released to the public almost a year later.[43]

Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes

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The art style from Disney Infinity, in which every character and object is designed to look like a toy and was co-designed by Pixar,[69] was carried over to Disney Infinity 2.0. Developers re-imagined Marvel characters in this art style. John Vignocchi said on the redesigns, "it was a really interesting process. Working with Joe Quesada and the creative team and Marvel -- getting them to understand what the visual aesthetic of 'Disney Infinity' is, that is, they're not the characters themselves, but toy versions of those characters, and reimagining some of Marvel's most iconic superheroes in that art style was a daunting, but very fun task for this team."[35] Each character goes through multiple stages of development, including how they will look in the game and what their figurine's pose will be.[70][71] The developers specifically designed the Venom character to be on par with Hulk when it came to size and mass. On Venom's design John Vignocchi said "we hulked him out a bit. in fact, the character is the only one that comes close to the Incredible Hulk in the game (designers wanted another brute to offer) and when fully powered up, stands on equal footing with the green beast."[72]

When designing the game, Avalanche Software focused not only on the inclusion of the NFC-enabled[33] Marvel figurines, but improving the Toybox mode (especially for younger players) as well.[45] Jimmy Pitaro, president of Disney Interactive Studios stated "we wanted to take everything that worked so well and make it epic."[19] Each character was picked based on how they would fit in the game, as said by TQ Jefferson, "what you're going to see as we roll out and reveal more characters, is that they're going to be more characters that you've known forever and they make sense," Jefferson said. "And the other characters, you may not know them as well, but once you see them in-game, you're going to understand why we made the choices that we made. These characters bring a certain narrative strength with them and, just as important, they bring a unique bit of gameplay with them ... [these are the] characters that are the most fun to play ... that have the most impact on story. Once you see the full spectrum of characters, it's not just an Avengers game. It's very much a Marvel super heroes game."[74]

Michael Pachter, of Wedbush Securities forecast that about 3.2 million copies of the game would be sold.[162] He also forecast that the Marvel Playsets and figurines would double in sales, due to strong international appeal of super heroes.[162] Prior to the game's release, Disney was initially surprised by the popularity of the Venom figurine. Disney has cited the character's design and abilities as its source of high sales.[72] Rocket Raccoon was the best-selling character, since becoming available to pre-order in July 2014.[163] The Rocket figurine sold almost twice as much as the Mike Wazowski and Elsa figurines from the first game.[163] Those two figurines were the best-selling characters of Disney Infinity.[163] The Rocket Raccoon figurine was later reported to have tripled in sales, but Disney declined to provide actual sales figures.[163] Groot was the third selling character, only behind Venom.[163]Disney expects Disney Infinity and Disney Infinity 2.0 to generate $1 billion in sales.[164] 041b061a72


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