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Clean Up Song Kids Song For Tidying Up Super Simple Songs

Clean Up Song Kids Song For Tidying Up Super Simple Songs >

Children enjoy playtime, but their tidy room can get messy in no time. Parents will find it difficult to persuade their children to clean up once they finish playing. How about playing some clean-up songs for kids and making tidying up a fun activity?

You may have run out of ideas to teach children about cleanliness and organization. However, songs can make the clean-up sessions more entertaining and instructive. Choose a song from our collection of the best clean-up songs to get your children motivated to tidy up.

If you want to get songs without the ads from YouTube, there are a couple of simple solutions. You can click the songs directly from this post, and it should take away most of the ads. Screen it first to make sure it works for your needs.

Adorable Miss Nina takes some of our favorite cleaning songs and puts them together in a fun medley! The best part is the beginning of the song, when she provides a warning transition into the cleaning time. Giving a heads-up before cleaning, or any transition time, can greatly decrease resistance since it lets the kids know what to expect next!

A soothing clean up song from one of our favorites, The Learning Station. The song gives some specific instructions, like putting the books up on the shelf and the toys away, which are probably applicable to most clean up jobs! But if not, you can always change the lyrics or give specific instructions before you start the song.

This post is part of my series of free songs and rhymes for circle time! See a full list of my song posts at the bottom of this post. Many of the songs are for toddlers and preschoolers, but there are a few for older kids, too.

Finding a way to make cleaning up fun was probably one of the most effective ways to get my toddler to clean up. Most preschool aged children LOVE music, so I set out to find some of the best cleanup songs out there and my son loved them.

Dora is so lovable, enthusiastic, and upbeat! (not to mention bilingual) There is a reason why Dora the Explorer is one of the longest-running shows of Nick Jr. This song is super fun, which is really important when teaching your toddler to clean up. Check out more Dora The Explorer Songs!

Oh if only playing a song to make my 3-year-old son tidy up his mess would work, I have tried everything for him to pick up after himself but he just refuses. As soon as I have given in and tidied up, he just gets all his toys back out again and laughs about it. Do you have any other tips that might make tidying up fun for him?ThanksMatthew

Hi Kayla a subject dear to my heart as I work with preschoolers. i use similar strategies to encourage our little darlings to assist in clean up time and as soon as we begin to sing one of the clean up songs the children immediately begin to tidy up and join in the singing as they go. I really enjoy your style of writing and your enthusiasm. Some great resources provided for parents and educators there. Keep up the great work.

Clean up songs (and songs in general) are something my wife and I have used with both of our children to much success. It makes it more fun and helps things to go much quicker. I love your tips as well about being consistent and helping them clean up to make sure it gets done and create a habit of organization. It is such an important life skill to learn early on and one that is sorely missing among many kids today.

The imminent clean-up was always lingering in the back of your mind throughout all the fun, unbeknownst to your kid. Luckily, you (try) and delegate the post-activity clean-up to your children! And, even if you end up singing the clean-up song while you do most of the actual cleaning-up, kids will learn that helping out can be as fun as singing a little song.

Miss Nina is an expert at composing unique renditions of traditional clean-up songs for kids. Not only is she a talented singer and guitar player, but she offers a sweet introduction that prepares your kid for the task ahead.

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