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Delia Matache Albumul Complet 2018 Delia Matache Greatest Hits 2018

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Delia Matache Greatest Hits 2018

Delia has been a juror on X Factor România for multiple seasons starting with the 2012 one.[4][5] Since 2016, she has been a judge on the comedy show iUmor.[6] In 2016 and 2019, Matache held the high-production concerts Deliria and Acadelia at Sala Palatului; there, she also performed more recent material whose style is oriented towards pop rock and trap.[7] Matache is a supporter of people suffering from psoriasis,[8][1][9] and of the LGBT community. Her 2018 single "Acadele" alludes to the 2018 Romanian constitutional referendum regarding the constitutional definition of a family.[10] 59ce067264


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