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Wwii Battle Tanks T-34 Vs. Tiger Crack [BEST]

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German tactics always emphasized the use of counter-flanking fire and covering fire, both in the form of artillery and small arms. Since large German units usually came in groups of three to four tanks, they would use a two tank attack followed by a one tank attack. This tactic often worked with inexperienced tank crews with inexperienced non-commissioned officers. Most Soviet tank crews were well seasoned. When Germans saw that much artillery was not being used against their tanks, they would fire at the artillery emplacements. Although the Germans did not have any antiaircraft artillery in 1941, they adopted Soviet tactics of using artillery as counter-artillery and destroying enemy tanks. [] [The German infantry was also trained to take advantage of the terrain.] The Germans were instructed to take over and control hills, fields, and woods and to adapt their tactics to protect the flanks and backs of their tanks. Even a static artillery or anti-tank cannon can effectively defeat a tank.

To us, it was clear that T-34 tanks were so superior that they always had to retreat. We would never have imagined that in some engagements the T-34 tank would just roll over the enemy infantry completely.

We used to underestimate the German infantry. In pre-war practice the German infantryman had to learn to deal with tanks. They had to learn quickly to react to the offensives of enemy tanks. Some German infantry units could even go behind our tanks and shoot them. []

It was not possible to bring our tanks along because the terrain was too difficult. On steep mountains and in deep valleys infantry soldiers could have used our tanks if they had not been terrified of them. If we had brought our tanks with us we could have destroyed the enemy infantry. [] [Our need for tanks was recognized immediately by the German general staff in the summer of 1941.] The Germans believed that they could knock out the Russian infantry without tanks because the ground in the second half of 1941 was very flat and covered with thick forest. [] I was surprised that the Germans did not consider our tanks worth a shot and the training of the tanks was not as good as ours. 3d9ccd7d82


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