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Buy Tatami Mats

Unlike the Western concept of having set rooms for specific purposes, the tatami room is the opposite of that. It is whatever it needs to be, whenever it needs to be. Featuring paper doors (shoji) and little to no furniture, nothing about it is permanent- not even the flooring. As much as they are practical and space-saving, they are also symbolic spaces that invite a spirit of ease and warmth. Their humble design speaks to the nature of Japanese culture; welcoming, respectful, and proud. This is where tatami comes in. Its durable yet lightweight design provides an easily adaptable, comfortable flooring for any purposes the room may eventually fulfill. Tatami reminds the Japanese of "home" and wherever there is tatami, there is "home".

Our tatami mats are constructed of Japanese Rush Grass with a double layer top for extra protection. Inside is a baked dried rice straw fill for strength and durability. Each mat is sewn with a black fabric border and bound with twine. A moisture resistant barrier is included in the foundation of the mat. Learn more about the composition of tatami floor mats over on our

Whereas our shikifutons, kakefutons, zabutons, pillows, and shams are all made in the USA from imported Japanese fabrics, the tatami mats are assembled in China from Japanese materials and are imported to our Massachusetts warehouse.

If you are looking to use a tatami mat as a foundation for your shikifuton, please see our tatami size guide and blog on how to build a complete Japanese sleep system before ordering. We also have a complete tatami care guide on our blog as well.

Our exclusive Kaiteki Tatami Mats are designed to withstand years and years of heavy use. Great for entrance areas, dining rooms, meditation rooms, bedrooms or martial arts studios.Manufactured in Taiwan for the Japanese Home market and bearing the JAL approval certificate for quality, and for use of non-toxic materials in construction, our Haiku Designs Tatami mats are quite simply the best tatami mats available in the American market today.

Our mats are constructed in much the same way Tatami mats have been traditionally made in the east, for hundreds of years. For instance, our mats use all natural Rush grass exterior, and rice straw foundation, instead of the wafer board, or particle board or that is commonly found in less expensive mats. Layered Rice straw is more time consuming to manufacturer but it gives our mats that firm feeling with a slight and comfortable give that make Tatami mats such a unique and valuable floor covering.

In addition, the Rush grass straw used as a covering for our Tatami mats is rated, "Best Grade #1", meaning little or no visible variation in grass straw pattern, further evidence of the quality of construction used in the Haiku Designs Kaiteki Tatami Mats. This entire package is then wrapped in a durable cloth edging and tightly woven and tension stitched to prevent warping or bending.

Because Tatami Mats include a large portion of rush straw, they are classified an agricultural product and must meet strict U.S. Department of Agricultural custom regulations designed to prevent the introduction of insects, and molds into the country. Most Tatami mat manufacturers meet these requirements by placing toxic powder insecticide coatings into several layers of the tatami mat or fumigating the entire mat with pesticide gas- not ours.

Our Kaiteki Tatami Mats are the cleanest, most eco-friendly mats available today because they are processed and manufactured naturally. Instead of toxic pesticide powders, fumigation gas or sprays, our mats meet the U.S. Customs requirements by means of an infrared heat process that gently heats the mats eliminating any potential molds. In addition, our rush straw components are thoroughly washed using a special process before manufacturing, eliminating any potential problems.

What this means to you is that the Tatami mats from Haiku Designs offer a beautiful, harmonious tradition


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