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Clash Of Queens Hack (44) ((EXCLUSIVE))

Locke mocks Jaime about always relying on his daddy Tywin and that his daddy isn't here. Locke says that Jaime's father can't help him now, and "this should help you remember!" - as he swings down the carving knife and hacks off Jaime's sword-hand. For half a second, Jaime stares at his severed right hand in shock, before what just happened can register in his mind, then he screams in horror.[19]

Clash Of Queens Hack (44)

Jaime is ordered by his father to have Tyrion shackled before his trial. It is clear that the trial is a farce, as Tyrion has no one to speak for him, and Cersei has gathered numerous witnesses to provide circumstantial evidence against her brother, all of whom miss out key contextual details. At recess, an angered Jaime goes to Tywin and offers him a deal; he will leave the Kingsguard and take his place as Tywin's heir if Tyrion's life is spared. Tywin immediately agrees, saying that Tyrion will be declared guilty and allowed to join the Night's Watch. Tywin's rapid agreement makes Jaime realize that this was his plan from the start, but he nevertheless agrees. Before the trial resumes, he tells Tyrion of the plan, but can only watch as Shae's testimony sends Tyrion over the edge, resulting in him demanding a trial by combat.[29]

Jaime gradually grows distant from Cersei too: he refuses her demand to kill Tyrion, since he believes Tyrion is innocent, and Joffrey meant nothing to him. Cersei teases him "Was it your hand they hacked off in Harrenhal, or your manhood?." She feels he has changed (which he did, as a result of Brienne's positive influence and his maiming), and does not like that.

Since, we have to place 4 queens such as q1 q2 q3 and q4 on the chessboard, such that no two queens attack each other. In such a conditional each queen must be placed on a different row, i.e., we put queen "i" on row "i."

Now, we place queen q1 in the very first acceptable position (1, 1). Next, we put queen q2 so that both these queens do not attack each other. We find that if we place q2 in column 1 and 2, then the dead end is encountered. Thus the first acceptable position for q2 in column 3, i.e. (2, 3) but then no position is left for placing queen 'q3' safely. So we backtrack one step and place the queen 'q2' in (2, 4), the next best possible solution. Then we obtain the position for placing 'q3' which is (3, 2). But later this position also leads to a dead end, and no place is found where 'q4' can be placed safely. Then we have to backtrack till 'q1' and place it to (1, 2) and then all other queens are placed safely by moving q2 to (2, 4), q3 to (3, 1) and q4 to (4, 3). That is, we get the solution (2, 4, 1, 3). This is one possible solution for the 4-queens problem. For another possible solution, the whole method is repeated for all partial solutions. The other solutions for 4 - queens problems is (3, 1, 4, 2) i.e.

Fig shows the complete state space for 4 - queens problem. But we can use backtracking method to generate the necessary node and stop if the next node violates the rule, i.e., if two queens are attacking.

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