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What is Viborg mappen and why is it a scandal?

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What is Viborg mappen and why is it a scandal?

Viborg mappen is a digital file containing intimate pictures of girls from the local area around Viborg, a city in Denmark. According to the police, there are pictures of girls as young as 13 years old. In some cases, the girls are easily recognizable or their names are attached to the pictures. The file has been circulating among young boys in and around Viborg for several years, causing distress and humiliation for the victims.

Viborg mappen

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In this article, we will explain what Viborg mappen is, how it originated, what the legal consequences are, and what can be done to prevent such cases in the future.

How did Viborg mappen start?

It is unclear who created Viborg mappen and when it first appeared. The first media coverage of it dates back to 2011. One possible origin story is that two girls made some pictures for their boyfriends and forgot the CD in a computer at their school. Someone found the CD and copied the pictures, and then started sharing them with others.

Another possibility is that some boys collected pictures from various sources, such as social media, online chats, or sexting, and compiled them into a file. Some of the pictures may have been obtained by deception, coercion, or blackmail. The file was then sold or traded via USB sticks for 50 kroner each.

Over time, the file grew in size and content, as more pictures were added or replaced. Every time the file was shut down on the internet, a new one popped up with the same or more pictures. The latest version of Viborg mappen reportedly contains between 800 and 900 pictures.

What are the legal implications of Viborg mappen?

Viborg mappen is a serious violation of privacy and dignity of the girls involved. It also constitutes child pornography, as some of the girls are under 18 years old. According to Danish law, anyone who produces, distributes, possesses, or accesses child pornography can face up to six years in prison.

The police have been investigating Viborg mappen since 2011, but have faced difficulties in identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators. The file is often encrypted or hidden on anonymous platforms, making it hard to trace. The police have also appealed to the public to report any knowledge or possession of Viborg mappen, but have received few tips.

Some of the victims have filed complaints with the police or sought legal advice. However, many of them are afraid or ashamed to come forward, or do not know their rights. Some of them may also face threats or harassment from the people who have their pictures.

What can be done to stop Viborg mappen?

Viborg mappen is not an isolated case. Similar files have been reported in other parts of Denmark and other countries. The phenomenon reflects a wider problem of online sexual abuse and exploitation of young people, especially girls. To combat this problem, several measures are needed:

  • Educating young people about online safety, consent, and respect. Young people need to be aware of the risks and consequences of sharing intimate pictures online, and how to protect themselves from unwanted exposure or pressure. They also need to learn how to respect other people's privacy and boundaries, and how to report any abuse or harassment they encounter.

  • Supporting and empowering the victims. The victims of Viborg mappen need emotional and legal support to cope with the trauma and stigma they face. They need to know that they are not alone or to blame for what happened, and that they have rights and options to seek justice. They also need to be protected from further harm or retaliation by the perpetrators or their peers.

  • Holding the perpetrators accountable. The perpetrators of Viborg mappen need to face legal and social consequences for their actions. They need to understand that what they did was wrong and harmful, and that they cannot get away with it. They also need to be deterred from repeating or escalating their behavior.

Viborg mappen is a shameful stain on Viborg and a violation of human rights. It is not e0e6b7cb5c


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