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ustikum: is if good the rtf version your email to subscribe: duke laws center for advocacy has a new tutorial for first-time pro bono clients. the tutorial is composed of a video tutorial and an accompanying workbook. it can be found at the center's site here. it discusses the importance of the calendar, your rights and resources for hiring a lawyer, and the importance of the meeting with you, the first time you consult an attorney. it also has an appendix about how to estimate your bill and time estimates in the fee petition. for those who have already filed a fee petition, there is an appendix about remaining issues in the fee petition, key arguments and schedules. check out the tutorial here. this is a simple primer on the difference between representing individuals and representing companies in court or at the administrative level. a caveat is that the author, robert spinelli, has a conflict of interest for representing parties opposed to one another in these matters: he is the lawyer for the indiana division of real estate, which is the opposing party in several of these types of matters. here is a link to a news article on the newly designated section editor for the journal of air and space law, peter shill, a self-described "archaeologist of the law of air and space" who has taught and taught at the university of utah college of law. from the article: "shill understands the law and the economics of spaceflight. he has taught space law at the university of utah college of law and in china and has served as deputy general counsel for the national air and space administration. he has done pioneering work on the legal issues surrounding space tourism and is working on a book on the law of the space frontier. he serves on the editorial board of the journal of air and space law. 3d9ccd7d82


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