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In AutoCAD, the ribbon presents all of the tools in a clear and orderly fashion. The ribbon toolbar provides commands for all tools, such as the regular drawing commands like Selection, Measurements, Repetitions, Dimensions, Dictionaries, and Graphic Layers. The ribbon is very customizable, with over 500 command groups available. If users need to customize the ribbon, they can do so by using Customize Commands. This allows a user to edit groups of commands or disable certain groups or individual commands.

The cursor is the little pointer that moves and changes on the screen. It is similar to a marker that you use to draw lines. The AutoCAD Drawing command, allows you to move and edit the contents of a drawing area in real time. When you click the mouse the cursor changes to a pencil, and you can draw on the screen. You can move the cursor with the arrow keys. You can also zoom in and out on the drawing area with the scroll wheels. You can use the scroll wheel to pan the screen around the drawing area.

a free plug-in for AutoCAD that allows you to draw and build multipass 3D solid models, including solids within solids, in a single session. This allows you to make the transition from architectural design to construction much more smoothly by using an interactive, parametric method that reduces the amount of hand drafting needed to make your models. Multi-CAD is for current AutoCAD subscribers only and was discontinued in 2009.

AutoCAD R14 In this release, Autodesk added many new capabilities to the traditional parametric design model such as parametric walls and doors, and now even infinite walls. Along with architectural designs, the ability to create economical, mass-produced manufactured parts with the parametric design methodology has become a major force in product development. 3d9ccd7d82


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