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Angels Abundance

ABUNDANCE! I painted this Amiga Angel to be an abundance magnet for your life. She is thrilled to be in your space and provide happy, empowering energy to your daily life, wishes, and goals. Abundance for healthy relationships, for a healthy bank account, for a healthy life of love and prosperity, and happiness!

angels abundance

I LOVE to paint these "Amiga Angels" - guardian angels I paint to help you be a messenger of love! They make great gifts for someone else or for you! She is 10-1/4" tall. I put a lot of thought and happy energy into each one. Measures 5" L x 3 " W x 10 " H.

Angel number 111 has a powerful energy signature. If you happen to look up at the clock at 1:11, or a barista gives you $1.11 in change for your latte, the angels are telling you that now is a great moment for manifesting your dreams.

For a time I saw the number 222 everywhere. It almost became silly how often I noticed 222 on an electricity bill, on the price tag of clothing, or on a mailbox number. Because I was working hard to change my life and build a new career, the angels placing this number in front of me often made perfect sense.

If an email from a new client comes in at exactly 4:44, or you get off the phone with your crush and notice the clock reads exactly 4:44, take this as a sign that the angels likely had a hand (or wing) in helping the universe bring you these blessings!

Seeing 555 when things feel chaotic or unfamiliar is a comforting reminder from the angels that transitions can be intense, even when we are experiencing exciting changes we have longed for or worked very hard for.

This is the angel number of abundance, and you might see it on a check you receive for services performed to let you know that there is the possibility of good financial abundance with this particular client, company, or simply the type of work you are currently doing.

The number 888 can also be a hint from the angels that they can help us bring more abundance into an area of our life, like romance, career, or health. Unfortunately angels cannot magically change all the circumstances affecting your life, but they always try to help.

The sequence 888 is a signal to stay open to abundance in whatever form it appears, not just the forms we expect or have become attached to. 888 represents power, and can be a gentle nudge from the angels about using your own co-creative power on the planet.

God's angels have specialties, just like people. The Angels of Abundance are those members of Heaven's team who help us overcome "lack mentality," which means beliefs, thoughts, and habits impeding our natural abundance. The Angels of Abundance can give us the strength to heal harmful patterns such as debt and worry so that we can enjoy the steady flow of support that the Divine is continuously sending our way.

Because these cards are specific to your evolving relationship with abundance, you may need to meditate upon them to discover the deeper meaning. You can also use this deck in conjunction with another oracle deck to get more details from the Angels of Abundance.

This card comes to you because the angels have heard your prayers about abundance. They are helping you elevate your thought processes and beliefs to an abundance mindset, which is a powerful way to manifest.

This card signals that you may have harbored some worries, pessimism, or resentment about your finances. Usually this also involves complaining about money, an unconscious habit that can block your abundance flow.

An "abundance mindset" means that you choose words affirming what you desire, instead of affirming what you don't want. You speak, think, and feel abundance as if it were already here for you. Once you affirm a current state of abundance with your words, then physical abundance rapidly appears: that is, first abundance occurs as thoughts, words, and feelings, and then this energy manifests into recognizable form for you. So this card is a strong reminder to use only positive words in your discussions about finances and other sources of support and supply.

Of the countless wonderful gifts that God has bestowed upon us, free will is the most powerful. So, remember that in order for God and the angels to help you manifest the abundance you desire in your life, you need to ask.

God and the angels know that you have earthly needs, and they are happy to help you fulfill them ... as long as you ask! It doesn't matter how you ask, but only that you do ask. This card is urging you to do so right now.

physical bodies and reconnect with all the other creatures we share this planet with. This connection with nature helps calm our often-frazzled minds so we are able to focus more clearly on the abundance we are bringing into our lives.

Nature has invaluable lessons to teach about abundance. When you're outside, notice how incredibly varied the world is, with a profusion of life and natural splendor that defies categorization. Observe how the animals you see scurrying about are abundantly provided for by God, and know that you too are abundantly provided for.

You may believe that you need to have more abundance before you can afford clean food. However, the opposite is true: first you take good care of yourself with healthful eating, then your energy and focus are raised to a higher vibration, and then you become more productive, have better ideas, and grow masterful at manifesting your needs.

This card can also refer to an emotional debt, where you feel beholden to someone out of guilt. This energy has been dragging you down and affecting your moods, motivation levels, and abundance flow. Let's now call upon Archangel Michael and the Angels of Abundance to release the cords connected to guilt, fear, or shame that have been controlling you. You are now free to choose actions, career goals, and relationships based upon love, not fear.

The angels are guiding you to release beliefs in lack or competition. What's yours is yours, and no one can take it from you or beat you to it. Leave competitive energy for football games, and focus upon cooperating with potential partners to collectively create projects and offer services to help the world. With a focus upon service and cooperation, instead of competition, abundance will naturally flow to you.

If your surroundings or schedule is cluttered to the point where you cannot focus effectively, please ask God and your angels for inspiration on how to clean out the excess . . . and then follow their guidance without hesitation or delay.

God and the angels do not want to provide us with this bounty simply so that it can be hoarded in a bank account, however. They want us to use it to support the great work of ethical charities, to support ourselves while we work on our life purpose, and to do all we can to make the world a better place. The Angels of Abundance know that too many of those who want to do good are not able to because they feel trapped in energy-draining jobs. By providing for them, the angels are helping every one of God's creatures.

Reaffirming the fact that you are worthy of the same goodness and opportunities as everyone else helps dissipate old feelings of undeservingness. Acknowledging the abundance that you have, and actively asking for that which you need, will realign your energy with respect to receiving blessings in your current life and situation.

We often become blocked when our focus is solely upon receiving and "What can I get?" To turn this around, focus upon "How can I serve?" One way to open up the flow of abundance is to give away what you'd like to receive. So, in order to have more time, volunteer for a worthy cause. To get more love, offer it to others. To manifest material items, donate some articles to charity. To receive money, make a financial gift as you are Divinely guided.

Tithing is essentially a recognition that all forms of abundance come from God. By returning a percentage of your money back toward God through support of spiritual organizations, you are declaring that your Source is not your job, your government,

The key is to give with a joyful heart, without expecting anything in return. God and the universe will ensure that the energetic output is balanced in the best way, so you needn't worry about reciprocity. The more you're open to giving and receiving, the steadier your flow of all forms of abundance.

Life is a collaboration, from the moment we are born until the moment we transition. We are forever working with other people, our angels, and God. Without doing our part, we often don't get the results we would expect.

As yon sleep, God. your angels, and your higher self arc giving you Divinely gukied ideas, answers. and solutions. Be sure to record your drcams in a journal, because they contain valuable insights that will help you manifest your desires into reality.

Sometimes on the surface they may not even make a great deal of sense, as their content is often symbolic. However, when you spend time deciphering the imagery and the symbolism present, dreams lay out a very comprehensible message. If you find you are not remembering your dreams or feel that they are too complex for you to figure out, ask your angels to send you clearer messages that you are more likely to retain.

You received this card because the angels are trying to help you to stay on track with your priority projects. You've been distracted as the ego tries to pull you away from your Divine destiny. This card is

You drew this card because the angels want to point you in the direction of gratitude. Perhaps you've slipped into a habit of worrying or complaining about finances. These negative energies only attract more problems.

God and the angels reassure you that they are without limitation. They can be in as many places at once as they are needed. You can never bother them. No problem is too large, and no issue too trivial. They don't have physical bodies, so they can never tire.

by an answer. Tune in to how your body and mind feel immediately afterward. You may be receiving on-the-spot guidance as to how you can co-create the abundance you are asking for. Flashes of inspiration, sudden invitations or job offers, and other signs present themselves to those who take this leap of faith. 041b061a72


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