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Buy Samsung Note 5


Buy Samsung Note 5

The Galaxy Note 5 does have its own advantage in terms of hardware though, with the availability of an even further improved S-Pen stylus. The S-Pen has become a defining aspects of the series, and every iteration has been better than the last, with more being added on the software side as well to support it. Apart from being able to take notes, crop areas of images, circle things, and more, one of the best new features added this time around is screen-off memo which activates when the S-Pen is removed from is slot, which allows you to quick jot down something even when the screen appears to be off. Not everybody needs an S-Pen, but for those who do, this may be reason enough to pick the Galaxy Note 5 over the Galaxy S7 Edge.

The Note 20's 3x optical to 30x AI-assisted zoom is still good as well, and better than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 (which has 2x optical zoom), but image quality at 30x was better on the Ultra than on the regular Note 20. Most of the time the Note 20 will fulfill your photographic needs. But when I took them both to the moody Northern California coast, many of my nature shots were simply better on the Ultra and I stopped reaching for the note 20 altogether.

HomeAndroidDo Not Buy SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review Filed under Android, Smartphone & Tablet Do Not Buy SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 Before Read Our Important Disadvantages and Advantages Review Published by on (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); When we need smartphone with responsive active stylus, then we can choose SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 because it comes with S Pen Stylus to write easily at LCD screen. The LCD screen of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 is 5.7 inches which reasonable to use it as notes for daily activity, the stylus will less effective if the screen is smaller then this size. Please remember, we are not saying that SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 is bad, but we will give some additional information about what is good and what is bad from SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5. Several model for this phone is N920T, N920A, N920I.

First important strength of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 is S Pen Stylus, this stylus give ability to write notes, make selections at screen for images and several other activity. Some other brand still not have stylus as good as SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5. However, there are also some weakness of SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 5 styles. The stylus located bellow the body, near charging slot, but we will get trouble with the stylus when put back or insert to it slot with wrong way, because it can be stuck and damaged the S Pen Stylus. Therefore we have to becareful before insert it back to the slot.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is an iconic phone with an impressive performance and design. It features a large and beautiful display, along with a powerful camera system that captures stunning photos and videos. Explore our range of Samsung phones for sale and discover the features and specs of the Note 5. With its intuitive S Pen, you can easily jot down notes or sketch out ideas. Find the perfect Samsung phone for you below and take your productivity and creativity to the next level.

The smaller 40mm model comes in Graphite (black), Pink Gold, or Silver, while the larger 44mm version swaps out Pink Gold for Sapphire (a muted mid-tone blue). With Samsung's Bespoke service, available on, the range of color options goes far beyond those four options.

The Galaxy Note 5 shipped with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.[13] The new "Screen off memo" feature allows the phone to be awoken directly to a note screen when the stylus is removed.[13] The Camera app on the Note 5 also allows public and private livestreaming directly to YouTube, and supports export of RAW images.[13]

If you're looking to see how the wearables are stacking up, check out our Galaxy Watch 5 vs Google Pixel Watch preview. I'll note that I recently tried out the Montblanc Summit 3 and found it felt more like the Wear OS of old, compa


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