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Summer Lace

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My patterns are written with Beginners in mind, so you will find lots of instruction and less Crochet Shorthand, together with close-up photo tutorials to help with stitch placement. If you would like help or to talk to others who are making/have made this pattern, jump on to the Happily Hooked Crochet & Knitting fb page and join in the fun.

Our Summer Lace Sweatshirt gives the term "sweatshirt" a whole new meaning. Mixing glamour and comfort, this feminine all-over lace top has a rib knit collar and flowing bell sleeves. The beauty is certainly in the details with one-of-a-kind lace pattern of spring flowers. Our bestseller can be customized with shorter sleeves by cutting them at their raw edge. Shown with white Carly cami - also beautiful with your favorite nude bra.

Summer Lace Anklets begin with a strip of pretty cable-and-lace edging. The edging transforms into a turn-down split cuff for an anklet sock using an easy pick-up of stitches along the straight edge of the lace.

These lace-edged split cuff anklets are designed for cotton and cotton-blend yarns. This makes them nice for summertime and those who prefer cotton. If you prefer to knit with wool, that will work out just fine, too.

Adult medium. 210 yards sportweight or DK weight yarn, 6 stitches/inch, size US 2 / 3.0 mm needles suggested, and 50 yards in coordinating or contrast color. Shown in Heirloom Cotton-blend Breeze yarn color Dusty Rose and Heirloom Cotton color Pink. Pattern includes both written and charted instructions for the lace edging.

When it first goes on, I don't get that effervescence, but I do get a bright blast of sweet fruit. I don't really pick out individual notes, but the honeysuckle, apple blossom, and mandarin seem to be blending into something almost tropical, like guava. It's summery and lovely. It reminds me of the early phase of something, maybe Moon of the Terrible.

Then the lace base with the vanilla, tobacco, and cognac heats up and blends in. It's creamy without having an actual cream note (which always goes bad on me) and really sticks to my skin in a delicious way.

Summer Lace starts out with creamy mandarin and vanilla on my skin. In it's initial stages it reminds me of a fruitier version of Tattered Lace, which is one of my favorites. As it settles down though, it becomes more floral with the honeysuckle and opium poppy coming through. I never really get any of the tobacco or apple blossom. I was worried about the honeysuckle because it is a note that turns to soap on my skin, in this blend it doesn't turn soapy but adds a perfumey element. Overall, this is a really nice summery scent and you can definitely tell that it is a member of the Lace family. Tattered Lace is still my favourite of the laces, but this one makes a really nice addition, although I wish that it stayed how it was in the initial stages of creamy vanilla and mandarin. I might even upgrade to a bottle now that I know that the florals aren't going to turn into a soapy mess on me:)

I really love the caramelized tobacco note in this perfume. I get the darkness of the tobacco but it's more rounded and sweet. The other laces I've tried were so so to fail on me, but this is wonderfull. It's light, and sweet.

This is so lovely It's light and beautiful and perfect for summer. I get the mandarin immediately and gentle whisps of tobacco as it dries. I don't get florals just some sweetness and luckily for me I don't get any caramel.

No caramel at all, thank goodness. The mandarin and apple blossom are fairly strong in the bottle and wet but as it settles down I get mostly tobacco,sweetened with honeysuckle and vanilla cream. There's that "lace" similarity to Red Lace's vanilla cream and tobacco notes. It morphs hugely from the bottle, all the effervescence and sparkly citrus burns off and it becomes softer, less jagged. This is really nice. So glad I grabbed a bottle!

First sniff, kind of like Tattered Lace only fruitier. Drier, I knew this reminded me of somethin


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