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5 Donuts Inspired by Disney Dads

Whether for Father’s Day, a birthday, or you simply want to show a father-figure in your life how much you appreciate them, we’ve created 5 different donuts inspired by some of our favorite Disney & Disney-Pixar Dads.

They're unique and oh so yummy!


// James - The Princess and the Frog

Although a hardworking soldier in the U.S. Army, when at home Tiana’s daddy is gentle, loving and inspirational. James' dream of owning a restaurant was shared by Tiana. He taught her to dream big, and to never give up on it.

These donuts showcase traditional New Orleans flavors. A delicious Banana Donut gives a subtle nod to a New Orleans original dessert, Bananas Foster. Topped with warm caramel and covered in praline pecans, one bite will have you dreaming you’re sitting at a table at Tiana’s Place.

Make these donuts // RECIPE HERE


// Pongo - 101 Dalmatians

When sweet Pongo was introduced to us, he was bored and tired of the same routine. Welp, he’s now the busiest dad in the world with more puppies than I think he could have ever planned for. Pongo’s adventures took him from a clever and mischievous young pup to a determined, heroic and fun-loving father.

Inspired by the dalmatian’s most distinctive feature, these Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Donuts will satisfy anyone's sweet spot. The white icing glaze with crumbled Oreo makes this Disney dad donut spot-on! (Get it? Like dalmatian spots AND it’s a British term… ok I’m done, haha!)

Make these donuts // RECIPE HERE


// Marlin - Finding Nemo

Poor Marlin has had more challenging dad moments than Liam Neeson & Harrison Ford movies combined. AND he conquered them all with way less confidence and a lot more anxiety. But Marlin showed us, and himself, that when it comes to protecting family, fear is just a four-letter word.

These were a fan-fav in our house! This mouth-watering Orange Chocolate Donut can be eaten on it’s own. But add some Orange Zest on top of an Orange Glaze and these become irresistible!

Make these donuts // RECIPE HERE


// Bob Parr & Mr. Incredible - The Incredibles

While Bob Parr may have had a rough start to his new daily routine as a stay-at-home dad in The Incredibles 2, he eventually adjusted to parenting his super-human kiddos. I mean, figuring out how to care for your dimension-jumping, laser beam shooting, temperamental infant isn’t so easy. Especially when your teenager is having boy problems and “they” change math. Why would they change math?!?! Mr. Incredible may be able to use his super powers to fight crime, but it takes a whole different set of skills to be a parent.

Creating a donut super enough for this dad’s double-life wasn’t so easy, but we LOVE the results! This seemingly simple Chocolate Donut with Chocolate Glaze has a secret identity. One bite and POW — the hidden layer of Cinnamon Glaze gives this Chocolate Donut a delicious punch!

Make these donuts // RECIPE HERE


// King Fergus - Brave

What’s not to like about ole’ King Fergus? Fun-loving, humorous, easy-going, yet a wise and strong ruler. We love how he fully supports Merida’s strong will and encourages her use of bows. He may be chill, but he knows when to be serious.

As a nod to their firey-orange hair, sweet potato was used as this donut’s flavor base. Half of it was sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, while the other dipped in a white icing and crumbled Scottish shortbread cookie. This donut is perfect for the bravest of dads!

Random Fact // did you know Pixar had new software engineered solely for the purpose to make Merida’s hair move more realistically? Crazy!!

Make these donuts // RECIPE HERE


With whimsy & wonder,


Disclaimer // Disney & Disney-Pixar images found in this posting are solely for character reference to assist our audience with understanding our inspiration source and are not the property of Tribe 54 LLC.



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