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DCS: L-39 Albatros Free Free Download [full Version]

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dcs: l-39 albatros is a single player aerial combat simulation developed by czech developer bohemia interactive. this game allows players to assume the role of a pilot flying the l-39 albatros, a czechoslovakian trainer fighter plane used by the eastern bloc during the cold war.

dcs: l-39 albatros full version features: realistic flight controls realistic flight dynamics terrains from around the world fully functional cockpits modern and historical aircrafts various weapons multiplayer

dcs: l-39 albatros free download system requirements: operating system: windows xp/vista/7/8 cpu: pentium iv 3.0ghz or greater cpu: core i3 or greater ram: 2 gb or greater dvd rom: dvd 5.2 directx: 9.0 directx: 10.0

dcs: l-39 albatros is the first in the series of dcs world, a realistic combat flight simulator video game series made by dassault aviation. developed by e-mec, this is the first in the world of flight simulators, where the gameplay of the aircraft is based on realism and has had a lot of attention to detail. it has been awarded by the ministry of defense of the russian federation the state award of the year 2014.

after more than 20 years the czech company albatros a.s. company. has a new superlightweight and efficient business jet. the new production l-39 albatros was presented in september 2011, the first customer took delivery in march 2012. the state-of-the-art aircraft is the first production model powered by an all-new engine the pt6a-53 turbofan. albatros airlines a. (the company founded by albatros a.) offers the l-39 aircraft in two versions for civil and military use. the result is a business jet that is in the same class as the learjet, hawker 400 and other midsize jets. is a subsidiary of the state-owned company česká zbrojovka a. (čzk). the company was founded in 2000 and employs more than 600 people. 3d9ccd7d82


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