We can't wait to hear from you! For us (and likely you, too) becoming a Destination
Advisor is a dream job! After all, when you're passionate about what you do, it can
be so much fun!


While passion and experience are indeed very important, working as a Tribe 54 Destination Advisor takes time, dedication, patience, organization and drive. Our Destination Advisors are committed to providing a superior service, therefore upholding the Disney philosophy, and are willing to step outside their comfort zones in order to reach their goals.

We are excited to welcome new advisors into our family, or as we call it - our tribe. To help you excel to the level that YOU desire, Tribe 54 offers numerous tools and unlimited support.

Check out the list below for what you can expect!

-  Generous Commission Splits + Annually Renewed Commission Rates to provide you with the
opportunity for increased percentages based on your personal production

-  Access to the College of Disney Knowledge training portal

-  Tribe 54 Adventure Prep + Resource Center:  An Online Training Program created exclusively for
Tribe 54 Destination Planners

-  One-on-one Sales Training with Tribe 54 leadership

-   Forms and Email Templates to help you start building your business right away

-  Annual Bonus Program + opportunities to Earn Prizes throughout the year

Leadership Opportunities 

-  Annual FAM "familiarization" Trips

-  Weekly + Monthly Training Opportunities + Engaging Team Discussions

-  Access to resources + further education

Tribe 54 Advisors receive:

Prerequisites + Our Expectations


As a travel agency that specializes in Disney Destinations, we expect our advisors to travel regularly to the vendor locations that they actively sell. As such, we are only looking for applicants that have multiple recent experiences (within the last 6 years) at one or more Disney Destination.

Ready to apply? Please thoroughly complete and submit the application below. You may save and return to it later, if you wish. 


do you want to become a