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Tally Erp 9 In Gujarati.pdf

Tally Erp 9 In Gujarati.pdf ===

Tally Erp 9 In Gujarati.pdf

symbols used for entering invoices: tally.erp 9 allows you to use symbols for entering invoices. this feature can be found in the invoices tab on the general preferences page. you can define the symbol or combination of symbols that you use for invoices. you can also specify whether you use the symbol or symbol combinations when you enter an invoice. how to configure symbols for invoices step 1. from the company menu select preferences. step 2. on the preferences page, select general preferences. a list of the various preferences pages appears, as shown in figure 2.7. figure 2.7: general preferences page. step 3. select invoices. a list of options appears. as shown in figure 2.8, there are two tabs: general and symbols. the general tab contains all of the preferences listed below the left side of the window in figure 2.8. the invoices tab contains one option, symbol combination.8: invoices page. step 4. select a language. this opens the list of languages as shown in figure 2.9.9: language list. step 5. select the language you want to use. step 6. select symbols. the symbols tab is displayed as shown in figure 2.10.10: symbols tab. on the symbols tab, you can see the available symbols and their usage on the left. in addition, you can create symbols. to create a symbol, select new and type the symbol name. you can also edit an existing symbol. to do this, select an existing symbol and click edit. in the symbol editing popup, you can enter information about the symbol. for example, you can make the symbol available for the customer and job mode. how to use symbols in invoices step 1. select the invoices tab, as shown in figure 2.11.11: invoices tab. step 2. select add. the symbol combination editor appears, as shown in figure 2.12.12: symbol combination editor. note: you can use the following symbols in the invoice. customer name and address, job, job name, date, description, line items, and department. select the symbol you want to enter into the field next to it. enter the information for the symbol. for example, enter the customer and job. select done. the symbol will appear in the field next to the symbol combination editor. for example, for job, the symbol combo editor looks as shown in figure 2.13. the symbol combo can be used to enter only the job symbol.13: symbol combo editor. the invoice template tab lists all the templates available in tally. 3d9ccd7d82


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