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The Wombats Glitterbug Zip Download !LINK!

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the triumphant music video to its title track and the bands first single from glitterbug shows the band it just got better. its even more ambitious and visual than the albums instrumental opener, anti-d. but as with their debut, its not the album that keeps going. its the journey. the sense of humour, the room to experiment and indulge and the sheer joy of the band in their music and in each other.

in comparison, the wombats seem all big, bright, bold and beautiful. its a far cry from their days as an indie-rock pale imitator, the new material feels like theyve shed their one-dimensional sound of the past and explored what theyre really capable of. theres a new vibrancy and a limitless confidence to it all: a band now at liberty to be themselves and revel in the process. the wombat baby was born after five years of pure hell for all of us. but now its song is paying back the favour. the wombat 2 is gonna be so sick!!!

when music truly gets it right, its that simple. a lightning-bolt of joy and inspiration - a joy that is infectious and contagious and that you always welcome with open arms. the wombats have provided an album thats an absolute pleasure to listen to and leave its mark on us all. let the sun shine, let the rain fall, let the wind blow; let the wombats bloom. the wombat 3

now you could be left wondering what the hell is in the rest of the album, and that is perfectly reasonable. there is plenty more here to love, like the brilliant techno fan. a song that couldnt possibly fit with the central theme of the wombat 3. techno fan is fun in the most gloriously 80s of ways. its a retro-pop song for a modern day world, a sixties throwback from a sunny, modern day beach. its full of smiles and bright lights and its one of the biggest songs of the year. 3d9ccd7d82


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