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How To Buy Furniture From China

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China has a huge furniture market that has a growing demand in the world. It is because of the high-quality furniture and affordable cost that large businesses and furniture importing companies come to China. Even though the furniture has low prices, the manufacturers and suppliers in China do not reduce the variety and quality of the furniture.

To help you with buying furniture from China, I have put together this guide that will help you to get the best office furniture. As you finish the guide, you will learn all the right techniques to buy furniture from China without paying huge sums of money and wasting your energy.

Whether you are looking for furniture for your house or a large company, the huge variety of furniture in China will help you with both. The market is full of versatile furniture that is of high quality and reasonable price.

You can compare the prices of a set of chairs or tables with similar making from China and Europe, and you will be amazed at the huge cost difference for the same thing. Another shocking fact is that some of the furniture that is sold in Europe comes from China! This means you pay more than double the prices for furniture that you can buy from China at much lower rates.

Foshan is popular as an expert in producing dining furniture, flat-packed furniture, and other general furniture. A 10 km road in Foshan displays a unique range and designs of furniture from famous brands. Added to this is Lecong town which is a large furniture distribution center. In southern China, Jiangzhen has emerged as an important town in furniture production.

Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu fall under the Yangtze River Delta region. Here a wide range of furniture is manufactured. Many excellent furniture manufacturers are located in the Yangtze River Delta region. Manufacturers and furniture of every quality and skill level are found here.

The Bohai Sea Region has a long history of furniture manufacturing due to its large resources and convenient location. It has a huge manufacturing and consumer base due to the intensive companies that make the industrial chain perfect. Bohai Sea Region is a low-cost region with high glass and metal furniture production.

It is the largest wholesale and retail furniture market in the world. With over 5000 shops that display their unique collection of over 20000 furniture pieces, you will find 99% of all furniture types and styles in the world.

The furniture factories located here earn a lot in the area due to the increasing demand. The remarkable variety of furniture makes it possible to find any furniture type here, from fancy-looking furniture to ones giving a simple look.

Likou furniture market is in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province. The furniture market is one of the largest in east China, where there are important factories too. It is the best alternative to the Lecong market. There are over 3000 furniture shops and 10 furniture shopping malls.

Xianghe furniture market makes it tough for you to decide on a shopping place. The place is filled with furniture that comes in every shape, size, and design. It is rightly the second-largest furniture market in North China.

You will come across 5000 brands, of which 1500 have set up showrooms. The place welcomes around 7 million people every year who come in search of different types of furniture. It is the best option for those who want to buy furniture from China directly.

Since Global Sources falls among the top B2B platforms, it works in cooperation with Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) and other related shows. Apart from electronics, you will find many furniture manufacturers promoting their products at Global Sources.

Once in a world where people were not so heavily dependent on the internet as they are today, buyers had only furniture fairs to rely on to find furniture manufacturers. It was hard to be played or tricked on the fairs as the Furniture fairs only had reliable manufacturers.


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