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Pink Floyd The Wall 720p Blu Ray X264 46

Pink Floyd The Wall 720p Blu Ray X264 46

Pink Floyd The Wall 720p Blu Ray X264 46

in the film, the wall is a symbol of the conundrum of growing up. on the one hand, pink develops into a successful musician with a fan base, even if the early part of his career is marked by a series of disasters. on the other hand, he's more alone than ever as the decades pass, realizing the adult world he's grown up in doesn't like him as much as his own youth, and he doesn't like them very much either. his career eventually leads to personal and professional success, but also a sense of emptiness.

alan parker was born in 1958 to a well-to-do yorkshire family. his father was a successful tailor and his mother was a housewife. as a boy, parker spent much of his time reading books, including comic books and science fiction novels. he was a big fan of the works of j.r. tolkien. when he was 14, his family moved to london, and parker began going to the london school of economics. he was far too intelligent for school and only lasted one term before dropping out to devote himself to the world of rock music. parker has even claimed that one of the inspirations for his role in the wall was a childhood memory of seeing eric clapton in concert.

parker was known for his unpredictable behaviour and wild partying. he was often in trouble with the law, but the headlines were soon filled with stories of his colourful lifestyle. this earned him the nickname of "the rock and roll howard hughes". in 1982, he had a relationship with charlotte, princess of wales, the eldest daughter of the prince of wales. they had a son, maxima, in 1983, but after a falling-out with the princess of wales, parker became a figurehead for the punk rock movement. his fascination with the occult led him to become a member of the temple of set. through this link, he met alice cooper and became a member of his band. during the making of the wall, parker and his girlfriend performed a scene from the wall in concert. this scene, involving a woman dressed as a prisoner, was filmed and released as a music video. in 1987, parker directed the film flash gordon. this was a biopic of the comic book hero and was a box-office flop. parker then moved to hollywood to direct another film, beyond rangoon. parker befriended the lead actor, jackie chan, and brought him to hollywood. 3d9ccd7d82


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