Disney Vacation Savings Tracking Sheets

I'd like to say it was totally planned for these to be posted the same day Walt Disney World released 2022 dates for booking (through July 1st), but I'm not that good. Ha! I'll take the little sprinkling of Disney magic, though.

You most likely don't know this about me but I am a little bit of a savings nut. Not to be confused with coupon clipper or deal diver — no bad vibes if you are — it simply isn't the same. My husband tells me I have expensive taste. I like to call it a fondness for quality. *wink* He enjoys sharing the story of when we went to Christmas Ball together in high school and at dinner I ordered the lobster. Neither of us knew what "Market Price" meant but it sounded good and it was a special night so... go big or go home, right?!

Lower amount goals for kids and teens to save for souvenirs + add your own creative flair!

It's still funny (and embarrassing) since neither of us grew up where lobster was a regular thing. My reason for sharing this is to show that I do love to spend money, and it's because of this that I like to save.

// Intentional saving allows for guilt-free spending.

While there are many ways to track your savings for a Disney vacation, I'm sharing two of those ways below. One is more structured than the other, and both come in a variety of total savings amounts.

Like a high school dance to a my teenage self, taking a Disney vacation is special. We are happy to invest in an experience that will provide us with quality service and a lifetime of memories. But let's plan for it so that when our littles ask us for the stuffed Olaf (to add to their stuffed animal collection of 30+), we can happily say, "sure". And when we really want to stay at Disney's Polynesian Resort, we rock and don't have to put it on a credit card. And when you're ordering dinner at Paddlefish and you decide you really just want the stinkin' lobster, you order that lobster, baby— because a trip to a Disney Destination is a celebration.


// 24 Week Trackers - Signature Colors

$1500 Weekly Disney Savings Tracker - Si
Download • 73KB
$2500 Weekly Disney Savings Tracker - Si
Download • 73KB

// 24 Week Trackers - Summer Fun Colors

$1500 Weekly Disney Savings Tracker - Su
Download • 73KB
$2500 Weekly Disney Savings Tracker - Su
Download • 73KB

// Mickey Savings Trackers

$100 Disney Savings Tracker
Download PDF • 44KB
$500 Disney Savings Tracker
Download PDF • 50KB
$1000 Disney Savings Tracker
Download PDF • 50KB
$1500 Disney Savings Tracker
Download PDF • 54KB
$2000 Disney Savings Tracker
Download PDF • 50KB

We want to see // How are you doing with your savings tracker? Take a photo and tag us @tribe54travel or email photos to us at hello@tribe54.com.

With whimsy & wonder,


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