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How To Turn On Or Off Adult Filter On The New Tab Page In Firefox Browser

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How To Turn On Or Off Adult Filter On The New Tab Page In Firefox Browser

When browsing, the browser sends the string of characters in the address bar to the server that the browser is connected to, as well as URLs from the current session for every URL viewed. Google collects this information to improve the browsing experience for people using different Android devices, and to identify which sites don't respect our policies, and, when someone uses Chrome to browse on a Mac, the kind of operating system it is running on. When you browse, the URL, size of the file, and HTTP status code of the files you've viewed are sent. The browser displays a file title as-is, which may include additional information, such as the word "referer," the language the web page was originally written in, and where the web page was visited from.

Safari parses the contents of the files you visit, such as the words in the pages. Apple uses these words to identify the sites you visit when you use Safari. We use the data to power Safari's features. If you choose to turn off Safari's usage tracking feature, the language of your device will be kept private. Apple may still collect and store information about your browsing activity, such as the search terms you enter in the browser.

When you interact with a website, and a referring server, like a web server, returns the address in a "referrer" HTTP header, the browser sends that referrer along with the request to the next website. So, if a person is on the web and reads a news article on a website, but then clicks on a related link, the referrer of that click will show the story that the news article links to. This is how, from a legitimate users perspective, the news article knows that you went to the original website. 3d9ccd7d82


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