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Buy Drawer Handles

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The cabinet handles not only look great but also of good quality and the reasonable design allows the good spacing between the cabinet door for your fingers. Perfect for kitchen cabinets, bathroom drawers, bedroom wardrobes, and drawers.

Handles Inc is your number one shop for premium door handles and accessories. We stock a vast array of products. From hand-crafted merchandise sourced from local artisans, to designer door handles from world-renowned designers across the globe.

Proper cleaning and priming of your old cabinet hardware are important steps. Those little things before painting gain you much time before having to purchase new cabinet pulls or door handles.

Just note that nothing is going to be as durable as a factory finish on new hardware. It also will depend on how much your pulls, door knobs, and handles are touched. For example, kitchen cabinet hardware is going to get the most wear compared to furniture hardware.

We have also seen where you can put craft sticks into foam or cardboard and use that to elevate your cabinet handles to help get full coverage. This will ensure that you are able to get at them from multiple angles.

Yes, as you see above we sprayed our cabinet hinges for our bathroom vanity makeover. If remodeling our kitchen, I would most likely just purchase new hinges since they are not as expensive as new kitchen handles.

Replacing these cabinet handles can be a little tricky. Old and new cabinethardware usually varies in size, so besides knowing thepositioning of the cabinet hardwareon the cabinet door, you also have to take one important detail intoconsideration: the center-to-center measurement.

Tip: In addition to measuring your center-to-center, note the height andwidth of your old hardware. That way, you can get new drawer pulls and knobsthat are at least that size to cover any wear marks (or the opposite, anyunblemished areas that were previously covered).

Our stainless steel door pull handles and knobs look great with a variety of cabinet styles and colors. Changing out your cabinet handles and knobs is an easy, cost-effective way to instantly update the look of your home, furniture, kitchen, or office. Antibacterial and anti-static handles are the perfect solutions for commercial or industrial applications, including large equipment or medical casework. Our consultants are on hand to help your team select the right products for your project.

Explore premium door pull handles, knobs, pulls, and stainless steel door handles, all available in North America. Visit the Sugatsune America resource page for digital resources, featuring extensive product literature and downloadable CAD files to help create your vision.

Your hardware should be in keeping with the style of your kitchen but it must be comfortable to use, too. So, personal preference is very important when deciding whether you want a knob or pull. Try to get a sample of the knobs or pulls you are thinking of buying. Place them against a cabinet drawer or door to see how they fit in your hand. Are they the right size and shape for you

You can mix knobs and pulls in a kitchen to create visual interest. Use pulls on the drawers and knobs on the doors, or vice versa. Just make sure you choose one pull style and one complementary knob style, and stick with the same finish throughout the kitchen. Or, you can use one type of hardware throughout the kitchen for a clean look.

Consider proportion, balance, aesthetics and function when deciding upon the size of a knob or pull for your kitchen cabinetry. An oversized cabinet door or drawer needs a large piece of hardware for proper functionality. A smaller sized knob or pull is appropriate for a smaller door or drawer. A good rule of thumb for traditional or transitional style pulls is that they should be about one-third of the length of the cabinet drawer. Drawers larger than eighteen inches wide may require more than one pull or knob. More contemporary designs call for long pulls that are


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