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His Heartbeat By Kat Baxter |LINK|

Biden is a political hack who has seen better days. I'd rather not have a guy a heartbeat away from the presidency who has survived two brain aneurysms, is a known hothead, vain as all hell (hairplugs for crying out loud), and is a verified plagiarist (1988 presidential race).Go back and get someone who hasn't spent 30+ years milking the American taxpayer. Let's get new blood.

His Heartbeat by Kat Baxter

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If Joe Biden's the next President due to Obama's heartbeat... stopping.. Will Joe have to order a good book to plagierize his first remarks ? What's he done that now.. twice ?...At least if Palin did not use the money for the bridge.. you know where here 'heart' is....The people of Alaska 'got' the money from the oil cronies...and the money from the 'bridge' to nowhere..... the money for that bridge went to bridge 'poverty' in Alaska directly to the people...Biden's had two Brain Aneurysms... Which is worst.. Skin cancer, or a Brain Aneurysm??? Maybe the 'Best political team on Television can answer that one...when they get back from the Kremlin. 041b061a72


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