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The Black Witch (The Black Witch Chronicles) Downloads Torrent ^HOT^

In the present, the group make their way to the arrowhead's cabin to find it is filled with vampires and foxes. They enter the house and encounter Mary who reveals that she is framed for witchcraft and is being held a prisoner. Vince sneaks Mary out of the house and takes her away but is later ambushed by Mary and killed. Mary later takes the group to the Wallers to meet with Katherine. David explains to Katherines that he is giving her the gift of the Snares and that she cannot refuse him. He then sends Katherine to the window where Mary can talk to her daughter and he chops off the side of the picture. Katherines and Mary agree to meet at 6 p.m. Katherine reassures her mother that she can do it, that they will defeat him to the end but Katherine adds that it will be much harder with her mother's help. Katherine explains that the Snares are meant to induce sedation and pain as opposed to killing. Rev. Carver considers revoking the gift but eventually relents. Katherine first dose Mary with the Snares, then telepathically scatters the Snares throughout the town so as to ensure that all vampires are permanently killed. The group then leave Mary and search for food, as the vampires will starve to death if left unfed. After food, Andrew realizes he is hungry and the group notices that the sun is setting and that it is getting late. The group then go to Jill's house to warn her not to return. At the Wallers cabin on the way to Elton's, Katherines Snares are dislodged earlier than she planned and Mary visits Katherines and manages to talk to Katherine. Walking through the house, it appeared that every room was completely trashed. In the dining room, David Smith channels his alter ego Rev. Carver through an old photo of the Wallers. He reveals that they liked Mary because she reminded them of Mary Wortman who used to live in the area. Sheriff Carroll and Katherine look for Jill's body but find nothing. Rev. Carver deduces that Mary is with Jill and returns to the living room where she manages to abduct Katherine. She tells the group that they will be feeding her the Wortman when she was a girl and that her relationship with the Wallers has been unfulfilling as her mother was selfish. d2c66b5586


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