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Laravel CRM: How to Manage Your Customers and Projects with PHP

if you want to create a web application or a mobile-based website, a php-based platform is a good choice. laracasts php is a web application that teaches you how to build a php-based web app in a flexible manner.

CRM Project Management System built with Laravel » Premium Scripts, Plugins Mobile

if you are looking for a top-rated php based crm software, you should take a look at the php projects crm application. with the help of this application, you can manage your customers, leads, contacts, and employees. additionally, it helps you manage projects, schedule, and track your business activities.

chunk kit is a collection of reusable components, widgets, themes, and plugins that can be used to create great looking websites. the product is a laravel starter kit and offers over 3,000 web-ready html and css components.

vanilla2 is an admin template built with the bootstrap 4 framework. it is integrated with bootstrap 4 to get native look and feel. the product is a clean and modern admin template that can be used to quickly build admin panel and other web-based software products.

joka is a laravel-powered admin template for crm applications. the product comes with a clean and responsive dashboard, a responsive layouts, and a variety of modern icons. it is tightly packed with ui components and high-performance jquery plugins.

craftable 5 is a laravel-based toolkit that enables web designers and engineers to create administration interfaces. the product has a responsive ui built with bootstrap 4 and coreui. being a minimalistic laravel template with open-source code, it serves as a starting point for making various software projects such as back-office systems, cms (content management systems), and intranets.


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