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Devil May Cry 4 Porn [Extra Quality]

BAJOAction fans, welcome to Fortuna - a small town in the world of Devil May Cry 4, where style meets substance in the form of perfectly sculpted, white-haired male model swordsmen. But this one starts out a little different, with the former hero Dante attacking a church and killing its high priest! To understand why, you'll have to fill the shoes of our newest devil-hunter, Nero, who's packing a little something extra...JUNGFrom there onwards you'll defend Fortuna from waves and waves of cabbage patch demons, and the name of this game is style. The object of DMC4 is not just to win - you gotta look good doing it. Every attack that's not the same as the last adds to your combo meter. If you can keep that up without getting hit, you'll get a good rating at the end of the mission, leading to more powerups and moves. Combos can be made with Nero's kick ass sword that revs up like a motorcycle..., his 2-shot pistol, as well as evading enemy attacks, and the use of his demonic arm.BAJOIt definitely rewards the curious adventurer, if you're willing to search every nook & cranny, you'll get lots of goodies. You'll also stumble upon secret missions, with challenges such as killing 5 demons without touching the ground. They're pretty hard, but they teach you some important skills for later in the game.JUNGSome of those later moves get ridiculous, it goes from swords to whipping out bazookas, giant lasers...and even THIS thing...BAJOAnd all that stuffs cool right?JUNGOh, it's hella cool!BAJOBut on the whole I still found the actual combat side of things repetitive. I mean aside from the huge bosses, the whole game you're just walking into a series of rooms where more demons spawn and you kill them.JUNGI reckon it's one of those games where you have to make your own fun. They give you all the tools to do stylish & fun combos, but you need to experiment & practice to pull them off.BAJOWell sometimes I don't wanna "make my own fun", I just wanna be entertained. I also think the type of gamer that wants to win as quick as possible won't enjoy it as much. I mean, do you think it's just a certain type of gamer that can get into Devil May Cry?JUNGNah, well that may have been the case before... Devil May Cry games have frustrated gamers for years by forcing them to start at the beginning of a level when they die, which REALLY sucks when you're up against a hard boss. Number 4 combats this by having shorter missions, with 20 in total, ranging from 15-30 minutes each.BAJOThey've also made the game easier overall with the hard setting akin to the normal setting in previous games. You can't unlock all the cool moves just by beating it in Normal mode, so there's definite replay value and incentive to finish it on Hard. JUNGYeah exactly, so I think newcomers will like 4 a lot better than 3. If I had one criticism, it's the demon arm. It's awesome, and I know it's Nero's "thing", but it just seemed like the answer to every problem was to use the demon arm. But you know what? Every time you use it , whether on a boss or a demon, you get an awesome animation. So I didn't really mind!BAJOWell that and the ONE techno song that plays in every fight, they could have used more than 1 song...JUNGYeah and it really wasn't that great a song either, was it...BAJOAnd what was the deal with the totally random soft porn in the middle?JUNGYep, about 4 missions in you're introduced to Gloria, and in general this series is pretty shameless with its female characters.BAJOMore than Dead or Alive, you think?JUNGThat's asking a lot, but...yeah!BAJOSpeaking of bosses though, and cutscenes as well, Devil May Cry 4 is a level above most games out at the moment. We've gone back to replay bosses more than once just for fun.JUNGAnd with some clever design, they've managed to pack in many abilities without cluttering up the controls. Nero's arm interacts with magical objects differently, and Dante can switch between 4 different styles mid-combat.BAJOWhich I guess brings us to Dante, and without giving any story away gamers, halfway through you'll switch from control of Nero to Dante...and if you thought Nero was a badass, he's just the John Saxon to Dante's Bruce Lee. You can spank demons in Trickster stance... Swordsman stance... Gunslinger stance... or Royal Guard stance.JUNGAlright so you like the cutscenes and boss fights, what are your final thoughts on this one?BAJOAbout halfway through, just like a good book, I found it hard to put the controller down. The later battles are very enjoyable. At the same time, I think even hardcore players might get bored with endless demons, but top-notch cutscenes and boss fights provide enough reward to get through. 7.5/10 from me, Jung?JUNGDMC4 may be a small step away from its hardcore purist fanbase, but it's a giant leap towards the mainstream, and it's a better game for it. It's a little easier, but a lot cooler, and I can't wait for number 5! I'm giving it 8.5/10 rubber chickens, and I should point out that it's already out on PS3 and 360, with a PC version due out much later. We reviewed the PS3 version.

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