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Contemporary Art To Buy

This historic South End gallery recently celebrated twenty years of bringing beautiful works of contemporary art to Charlotte. The inviting gallery, which features floor-to-ceiling windows on two walls, is concentrated on exhibiting Southern talent as well as American artists not often seen in this region.

contemporary art to buy


A group show featuring leading global contemporary painters Debbie Reda, Adam Handler, David Kaye, and Fanny Brodar will beopening June 16th, 2023 at Morton Contemporary. Please email for a collectors catalog/ to be added to our waitlist.

Darwin Estacio Martinez is a contemporary artist born in 1982, in Manzanillo, Cuba. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the prestigious Professional Academy of Fine Arts "El Alba" in Holguin, Cuba, and a Master of Fine Arts from the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana. Currently, Martinez is an esteemed professor at the National Fine Arts Academy (San Alejandro) and the Higher Institute of Arts in Havana, where he shares his expertise and passion for the arts with aspiring young artists.Martinez's compositions often remove contextual information and instead rely on a universal visual language to convey unfinished stories through fragments and symbols. The use of bold colors and intricate textures adds depth and complexity to his works. Martinez's paintings have a dreamlike quality, with subjects that appear to be suspended in time and space. His art often explores themes of identity, memory, and social commentary, allowing viewers to engage with the work on a personal and emotional level.Throughout his extensive artistic career, Martinez has participated in numerous exhibitions and showcases across Cuba and other countries worldwide. His exceptional works have been exhibited in the United States, Spain, Germany, South Korea, China, and Holland, among other countries. Martinez's art has been featured in various publications, including ArtScene and Cutting Edge: 100 Cuban Artists, and has garnered critical acclaim from art critics and enthusiasts alike. Most recently, Martinez was invited to showcase his art at the 2nd Dafen International Oil Painting Biennale in Shenzhen, China, and exhibited his work with the Cica Museum in Gimpo-si, Korea.

Caroline Taylor and Tim Malyk, two professionals in the contemporary art world, will teach attendees how to build collections for both pleasure and investment, as well as give insight on how to navigate the social and financial aspects of art markets, including galleries, auction houses, private sales and art fairs. 041b061a72


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