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Uvaa Tamil Movie English Subtitles |BEST| Download For Hindi

How to Watch Uvaa, a Hindi Comedy Drama, with English Subtitles

Uvaa is a 2015 Indian Hindi-language comedy drama film directed by Jasbir Bhaati and starring Vikrant Rai, Rohan Mehra, Lavin Gothi, Mohit Baghel and Meghna Haldar. The film revolves around a group of five friends who enroll in a prestigious college in Delhi and face various challenges and adventures.

Uvaa Tamil Movie English Subtitles Download For Hindi

If you are a fan of Hindi movies and want to watch Uvaa with English subtitles, you have a few options. Here are some of them:

  • You can download the movie from online sources that provide subtitles in different languages. For example, you can visit this link to download the movie in 1080p HD quality with English subtitles.

  • You can stream the movie online on platforms that offer subtitles. For example, you can watch Uvaa on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video with English subtitles.

  • You can use a subtitle software or app to add subtitles to the movie. For example, you can use OpenSubtitles or Subscene to find and download subtitles for Uvaa in various languages, including English. Then you can use a media player like VLC or KMPlayer to load the subtitles and sync them with the movie.

Uvaa is a fun and entertaining movie that explores the themes of friendship, youth, education and social issues. If you enjoy comedy dramas with a touch of romance and action, you should give Uvaa a try. And don't forget to watch it with English subtitles if you are not fluent in Hindi!

If you are curious about the plot of Uvaa, here is a brief summary. The five friends, Ram, Anil, Vikram, Salmaan and Deenbandhu, are notorious for their mischief and pranks in their old school. They are transferred to a convent school by their parents, hoping that they will mend their ways. There, they meet Rashmi, Nisha and Roshni, three girls who become their love interests. They also face the wrath of their strict teachers and principal, who try to discipline them.

However, their lives take a drastic turn when they witness a brutal crime committed by a powerful politician's son. They decide to testify against him in court, despite the threats and pressure from his father and his goons. They are supported by their coach Sangram Singh, who trains them in martial arts and self-defense. They also get help from a lawyer named Pramod Mittal, who fights for their case with honesty and courage.

Will the five friends be able to get justice for the victim and themselves? Will they be able to overcome the odds and prove their innocence? Will they be able to protect their loved ones from harm? These are some of the questions that Uvaa tries to answer in its climax. c481cea774


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