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SetFSB How It Works and What You Need to Know Before Overclocking Your CPU

since the cpu is locked to the 266mhz clock, there is no pll being used on the motherboard. there is no reason for the cpu to keep the 266mhz clock at startup, but it does. once you reboot the netbook, the cpu clock defaults to 800mhz. if you are overclocking and running setfsb, you should set the bios to lock the cpu to the lower clock.

SetFSB download


setfsb supports overclocking, and is stable. however, it does not provide a way to set the cpu to a specific clock. this is a big problem, as the intel chips have no such ability. so, if you want to overclock, you need a different tool, such as eeectl. setfsb can also lock the cpu to a certain clock, but you can't set it.

this application is a nice simple to use application. (the application is not installed in the computer. setfsb is available on cd-rom for a very reasonable price). once the setup.exe program has been installed, you can start the application by double-clicking on the setup.exe file.

once the program is installed, you can select your pictures and video from the file manager and click the "burn to dvd" button. setfsb will then prompt you to insert the dvd or insert a blank dvd-r disc. all the options will be presented to you in a new window. to start, select the burn to dvd option. you will then be presented with a series of checkboxes:

this is a free demonstration app from odoc. the full version is capable of benchmarking with setfsb on about a dozen different platforms. it's a great tool for identifying a new pc's potential and getting it under the load for the first time.


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