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Hindi Tower Of Terror ##VERIFIED##

Ash realizes that he must battle and collect a ghost Pokémon in order to defeat the young girl's psychic Pokémon. In search of a ghost Pokémon, he heads immediately for a tower in Lavender Town where they are said to dwell. Jessie, James and Meowth from Team Rocket are already at the tower, but as they lay in wait for our heroes, they are attacked by Gastly, Haunter and Gangar. In the process of trying to defeat the ghost Pokémon, Ash learns a lesson or two about the mystical spirit world. Can Ash capture a ghost Pokémon and if so, will it be enough to defeat the psychic Gym Leader of Saffron City?

Hindi Tower Of Terror

The group arrives in Lavender Town and reaches the Pokémon Tower by dark. Misty and Brock, scared by the tower, want Ash to go in alone. Pikachu decides to take a quick nap; Ash follows suit and gets his sleeping bag, but Misty wakes them up by smacking a gong. Meanwhile, Team Rocket watches them through one of the tower's windows. James runs off, but falls through a hole in the floor. Meowth then notices a closet door open nearby, revealing a Gastly, which scares him. Meowth points at Gastly, but it disappears before Jessie sees it. Gastly reappears over Jessie's face, mimicking Jessie's speech, and Meowth scratches Jessie. Jessie retaliates, angrily knocking Meowth into the hole with James. Jessie soon joins James and Meowth after looking at herself in a mirror and screaming at the sight of Gastly. Ash and his friends hear the screams from outside as Team Rocket falls through several floors. Team Rocket gets back up, but Gastly scares them again, knocking them out.

As Ash and his friends enter the tower, the door closes on its own, putting them in darkness. Ash sends out Charmander to light the room with a Flamethrower, though the Pokémon quickly tires out. Brock finds a candle and Charmander uses Flamethrower to light the candle, accidentally burning Brock in the process. Ash and his friends find a hole in the floor and hear strange noises echoing as they explore. In another portion of the tower, a Haunter and Gengar are watching TV, laughing at a comedy show broadcast. Gastly comes into the room and they all laugh.

Outside, Misty and Brock refuse to reenter the tower. As a result, Ash goes back in with only his Pokémon. Stopping in front of the hole Team Rocket created earlier, Ash checks his Pokédex for more details, and it reveals that Ghost Pokémon are still shrouded in mystery. Ash hears commotion from the floor beneath them and thinks the Pokémon are down there. He orders Pikachu and Charmander to attack, but this causes a fire. Ash throws a Poké Ball, but it hits Jessie in the face. Jessie gets angry as her hair catches fire. She runs around, creating a fireball from Ash's view, but it soon disappears, much to his disappointment.

Ash and Pikachu jump after them, but miss and the duo crashes into the wooden floor. The impacts cause a chandelier to drop on top of them, knocking them out. Pikachu's electricity lights the chandelier, and the Ghost Pokémon applaud the performance. Gengar taps them as Haunter approaches and pulls Ash and Pikachu's spirits out of their bodies. They wake up and are shocked at seeing their bodies on the ground. The Ghost Pokémon take Ash and Pikachu to the top of the tower. Outside, they admire the view of Lavender Town.

Ash sees Misty and Brock waiting and listens as Misty discusses her concern for Ash. Ash speaks as Misty looks behind her, hearing his voice. He then lifts her into the air before dropping her, though Brock catches her. Misty gets up and runs into the tower, with Brock behind her, while Ash and Pikachu fly with the Ghost Pokémon. Haunter gets in front of Ash as he goes through Haunter's mouth. When the Pokémon show Ash and Pikachu their toy room, Ash understands that the Ghost Pokémon just wanted new playmates. He then declines their offer to play in order to continue his quest, upsetting the Ghosts. Meanwhile, Misty and Brock find Ash and Pikachu's bodies, pulling them out from under the chandelier and trying to wake them up. Ash and Pikachu promptly return to their bodies and wake up, much to the relief of both Misty and Brock.

The group leaves the tower the next day, with Ash deciding not to catch the Ghost Pokémon. Brock questions this, and Ash responds that he may have to use humor instead. Pikachu points out something, causing Misty and Brock to look behind them. Haunter pulls a face and scares Misty and Brock away. After enjoying their company, Haunter decides to join Ash and Pikachu. Meanwhile, Gengar and Gastly smile and clap as they watch Team Rocket, who are tied onto the spinning carousel.

On their way to Lavender Town, the woods suddenly become foggy as Ash and his friends arrived at Pokémon Tower. They hear screaming from the tower and are afraid to go in. They eventually go in, but Brock and Misty leave because they are scared by a trick the ghosts played and leave Ash and his Pokémon to explore the place alone. They meet a Haunter and Gengar, who try to be funny, but Ash doesn't find it funny. Just as they are about to leave, Ash crashes after them causing the chandelier above to fall on him and Pikachu, which knocking them out. Haunter pulls their ghosts out of their bodies and plays with them for a while to make them realize how lonely they are. Ash says he cannot stay because he must become a Pokémon master. Just as Ash gives up on catching one, Haunter goes with him and scares off Misty and Brock.

Ash, Misty, and Brock are heading to Lavender Town so Ash can catch a Ghost-Type Pokémon to win against the Gym Leader, Sabrina. As they are walking, the fog becomes thick and hard to see. Brock says everyone should hold hands so no one gets lost. Brock accidentally grabs Pikachu's tail instead of Ash's hand, resulting in him getting shocked. Misty screamed in terror only to realize it was Brock getting shocked. Then Ash turned around with a skull mask on and Misty, Brock, and Pikachu were scared. Ash then took off the mask and explained that in order to catch Ghost Pokémon they must confront their fear. Misty, Brock, and Pikachu scolded Ash for playing such a dirty trick as to scare them and Ash got shocked by Pikachu as punishment. Misty then berated him for his "Bone headed jokes", Ash then quipping that he "should just save the mask until next year's Halloween".

They arrive in Lavender Town and they go to the Pokémon Tower. Everyone except Ash is too scared to go in and they want to wait until morning. Meanwhile, Team Rocket watches them from a window inside the tower. James runs off and he falls through a hole in the floor. Jessie and Meowth look down and see James lying on the floor and ask him if he is alright, but Meowth notices a closet is opening, a Gastly pops out of it and scares Meowth. Jessie asks him what's wrong and Meowth points to the closet, but the Gastly disappears before Jessie sees it. The Gastly goes behind Jessie and starts mimicking her. Meowth uses Scratch to attack it, but misses and scratches Jessie instead. Jessie whacks Meowth with a frying pan and Meowth falls down the hole James fell into earlier. Jessie looks into a mirror and sees the Gastly behind her. It frightens her so much that she falls down into the hole with the others. The weight of the three of them opens up a new hole and they fall down it. Their screams are so loud that Ash and his friends can hear them. Team Rocket gets back up, but Gastly scares them again, knocking them out.

Outside, Ash and his friends decide to go in. Misty and Brock are scared and they tell Ash to go in first. They enter the tower and the doors close by themselves, putting Ash and his friends in a pitch black room. Ash calls out Charmander and tells it to use Flamethrower to light up the room. Charmander gets tired quickly and Brock finds a candle for Charmander to light with Flamethrower, but Charmander accidentally uses Flamethrower on Brock as well as the candle. While exploring, Ash and his friends find the hole made by Team Rocket earlier. They hear strange voices coming from it. In another part of the tower, a Haunter and a Gengar are watching a T.V. show on a T.V. The Gastly comes in and the three of them all laugh at the show.

Ash and his friends continue exploring the tower. They come to a big room. The lights suddenly turn on and they see that its a dining room with a long table set. There's a rope above the table with a note saying to pull it. Ash pulls the rope and confetti comes out along with a sign that says welcome on it. Suddenly, the glasses and the chairs start floating. Brock gets thrown around on a chair while Pikachu and Charmander get thrown around on some platters. Ash and Misty run out of the room and Brock, Pikachu, and Charmander try to get off. As they leave, the glasses and the chairs are reset and the Ghost Pokémon appear and they start laughing.

Outside the tower, everyone is tired from running. Misty and Brock are convinced not to go back inside the tower. Ash wants to go back in, but Pikachu and Charmander are afraid. Ash reminds them of how awful their loss against Sabrina was. Pikachu and Charmander decide to go back in with Ash and Misty and Brock say they will wait outside. They go back inside and come to the hole Team Rocket made before. They think Pokémon are down there. Pikachu attacks with Thundershock and it hits Team Rocket. Charmander uses Flamethrower and it burns Team Rocket. Jessie starts running around screaming because her hair is on fire. Haunter appears behind Pikachu. Pikachu gets scared and Ash turns around, but he doesn't see Haunter. Haunter appears in front of Ash, freaking him out as he checks his Pokédex. There isn't any data, so Ash sends Charmander to battle Haunter. Haunter disappears and reappears behind Ash. He thinks its Pikachu and gets scared when he sees Haunter's hand. Ash tells Charmander to use Leer. Both Charmander and Haunter make faces at each other, making Haunter start laughing. Haunter uses Lick to paralyze Charmander.


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