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Seven Days In May VERIFIED Full Version

Hi Anthony, in principle, it's definitely possible. However, March can still be quite wintery and so you never know how the weather and the road conditions will be. I'll let you decide if you want to take the risk, but yes, purely distance-wise and taking into account your flight schedule, it's definitely possible. Also, the days are quite long at that time of the year already, so at least you shouldn't have to worry about driving in the dark.Also, you can't visit the highlands at that time of the year and Heimaey Island can be a bit less pleasant if the weather isn't great. So you may want to look for an alternative for that day - you could spend more time on the South Coast, take a fun tour, or maybe add a day in Reykjavik...Good luck with the planning. And - whatever you decide - remember that safety should always be your top priority. Drive carefully and stay flexible!

Seven Days In May Full Version


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