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Buy Autologic Scanner

Hey guys, I have a question regarding the autologic tool, I bought this scan tool last year and I use it once in a while, my rep told me that if I want to get the full support like programming it will be 299 dollars a month, this tool also have a tech request by case, so if you need help with a repair you can also get that support and will be an extra charge, anyway I got the tool and use it for a full year that my rep was very nice to added on my account, but last time I wanted to use it, guess what I can't use it because Am no paying the 299 a month subscription or wherever they call it, now my question was when I call customer support was if Am no paying the 299 for the full support, AM not able to use the tool? not even to scan a vehicle and check for codes read data etc? and he said that it was correct, if Am no paying the 299 for the full support Am no able to use this scan tool that I already pay for it, Am not trying to be a bad **s here, don't get me wrong, they have a nice and capable technical team, (when I needed help for programming a BMW module or Audi, Mini cooper they were very helpful) but, if my rep (who for me is a nice guy) should told me that on the beginning, probably I'll buy something else since Am not an euro shop, it doesn't make too much sense for me to have this subscription, I guess this was a misunderstanding or Am wrong, can you guys clarify so we all know how it works?.

buy autologic scanner

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We hire only the best technicians and utilize state of the art diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot you BMW repair & service problems. Your satisfaction is what compels us to do the very best job possible. Every car that is brought to us for service goes through a courtesy 27-point vehicle inspection. Your BMW is no exception. As soon as we identify the problem, our BMW repair & services team quickly goes to work to resolve any issues so your car is running safely and reliably. Global Car Care uses Autologic scanner for BMW which allows performing Dealership level of diagnostics & repair of BMWs 041b061a72


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