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Nenu Rowdy Ne Telugu Full Movie _VERIFIED_ Free 13

Pencil successfully transfers the money before the police raid his place. However to his shock, he deduced that the money was stolen by Saraswati, who reveals that her husband, who was working at a book store near the bank was killed by Dev on the night of the robbery. She convinced the gang into believing her grandson died to make her vengeance justified. She stole the money from Pencil's place and donated it for orphanage development and tells Pencil about her decision of abandoning the vengeance, after Chinnu's injury during one of the chases. Pencil kills Dev at the latter's garage to protect his newfound family, and frames it as a car accident. When he returns home, to his surprise, the gang decides to give up on the plan of killing Dev for their revenge. Priya decides to move on from her fiance and when she learns that Pencil killed Dev, decides not to reveal it. Priya and Pencil get married where Pencil successfully publishes Gang Leader, encapsulating his experiences. Sukumar meets Pencil for the copyrights to make a movie based on his novel.

nenu rowdy ne telugu full movie free 13



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