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Vitendawili Na Majibu Yake Pdf Download. Monitor Descubri Sistem

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most common and interesting vitendawili and their majibu (answers). We will also show you how you can download a PDF file that contains hundreds of vitendawili and majibu yake for free. By reading and solving these vitendawili, you will not only have fun, but also improve your Swahili vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension skills.

Vitendawili Na Majibu Yake Pdf Download. monitor Descubri Sistem


What are Vitendawili?

Vitendawili are short sentences or phrases that pose a question or a puzzle that requires a clever or witty answer. They are often based on metaphors, analogies, wordplay, or common sense. Some vitendawili are easy to guess, while others are more challenging and require deeper thinking. Vitendawili can be about animals, plants, objects, people, places, events, or anything else that relates to the Swahili culture and environment.

Vitendawili are usually presented in a dialogue form, where one person asks the question and another person gives the answer. Sometimes, the answer is obvious from the question itself, but other times, it is hidden or implied. The person who asks the question may also give a clue or a hint to help the other person find the answer. The person who gives the correct answer may be praised or rewarded, while the person who fails may be teased or mocked.

Vitendawili are part of the oral tradition of the Swahili people. They have been passed down from generation to generation through storytelling, singing, playing games, or casual conversations. Vitendawili are often used as a form of education, entertainment, or social interaction. They can help children learn moral values, logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and cultural knowledge. They can also help adults have fun, relax, bond with each other, or challenge their minds.

Examples of Vitendawili and Majibu Yake

Here are some examples of vitendawili and majibu yake that you may encounter in your Swahili learning journey. Try to guess the answers before looking at them.

Vitendawili: Adui lakini po pote uendako yuko nawe.

  • Majibu: Inzi (A fly is your enemy but wherever you go it is with you.)

Vitendawili: Afuma hana mshale.

  • Majibu: Nungunungu (A porcupine shoots but has no arrow.)

Vitendawili: Ajifungua na kujifunika.

  • Majibu: Mwavuli (An umbrella opens and covers itself.)

Vitendawili: Akivaa nguo hapendezi, akiwa uchi apendeza.

  • Majibu: Mgomba (A banana plant looks better without clothes (leaves) than with them.)

Vitendawili: Amekula ncha mbili.

  • Majibu: Wali (Rice has eaten both ends (cooked with water and oil).)

Vitendawili: Anakuangalia tu wala halali au kutembea.

  • Majibu: Picha (A picture just looks at you but does not sleep or walk.)

Vitendawili: Anakula lakini hashibi.

  • Majibu: Mauti (Death eats but is never satisfied.)

Vitendawili: Anapendwa sana ing c481cea774


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