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Van Basco Karaoke Player 28000 Kar Songs PORTABLE

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Van Basco Karaoke Player 28000 Kar Songs PORTABLE

vanbasco karaoke player allows you to play your tunes by song, verse, line, or phrase. if you've got two monitors, you can also adjust the size of the display in the program so that your song lyrics and lines appear in full on the second screen.

if you are looking to play a song from your computer, the program offers a variety of options. you can play your entire song by song, song name, or song title. you can even play a song randomly. if you want to play a song, all you need to do is drag and drop your song's location on to the player.

for those that like to sing karaoke, but don't want to hold the microphone, vanbasco karaoke player has an impressive built-in microphone. it is simple to use, and works with any pc microphone, although it needs to be plugged in to the system.

the user interface is very simple, and most of the features are controlled by using the top toolbar and the control buttons on your karaoke machine. the control buttons on your karaoke machine are assigned to different features of the software. you can use the following control buttons: light on/off music speed (3 options) volume control (3 options) voice on/off screen on/off background on/off playback time

the major advantage of using this software is that you can control the karaoke machine remotely from your computer. you can even use this software to play your karaoke files on a karaoke machine that is connected to your pc or mac. you can also use the control buttons on your karaoke machine to control the playback speed, turn on and off the lights and change the volume. 3d9ccd7d82


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