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The gallery opening was not very crowded, so I quickly noticed the slender young woman examining one of the better paintings. She was of the type I find most appealing: small in physique, almost flat chested, with bright gray eyes and soft chestnut, slightly wavy hair below her shoulders. Her skin had a warm glow; her expression was serious, almost grave. She was dressed in a ribbed sweater and a simple skirt covering a trim bottom and slim, shapely legs in dark stockings.

We met twice more, for coffee and lunch in a pleasant bistro; she always offered to pay. She lived with her stepfather, she said; a shadow seemed to pass over her expression as she said his name. She had been "transitioning" for the last two years. With each meeting I found her/him more attractive and appealing. I was delighted when she agreed to come over to my condo the next week for carryout and movies; we shared similar taste in film. We kissed for the first time when we parted -- her soft, full lips felt wonderful, leaving me eagerly awaiting the proposed time alone with this very appealing young person

In the subdued light Emily was a sight to be seen. Her breasts were only bumps, but had a beautiful softness and lovely nipples that perked upwards. Her belly was equally soft and appealing, but flat and fit. Her soft hair fell past her shoulders; her lips were parted in anticipation, I hoped, of a continuation of our previous activity.

"My stepfather. But I'll tell you that story later...please..." She fell to her knees and took hold of my rigid cock; I had taken my pants off, with no noticeable reduction in its horizontal condition. Stroking it tenderly, she opened her mouth and commenced to suck it again, this time taking it deeper and commencing a series of small sounds of enjoyment. I stood for a few minutes delighting in this fabulous sensation; my whole being was centered in my throbbing groin. Then with a great effort of will, I withdrew, picked her up and laid her lovely nude body, cock erect, on the sheet.

Stewart Charlesworth's fantastical designs look weird but not kinky, with lacy white underwear for the fairy ladyboys, dressing gowns and eccentric paraphernalia for the rhubarbing old lords with whom they come into conflict. Actually the "Entry of the Peers" seems to be whipping up cachuchas, fandangos and boleros from another G&S work, but all this busy going against the pompous grain certainly has everyone working with tireless energy; and later, Private Willis - company "dance captain" Raymond Tait, deadpan-funny - does a Scots jig in front of the curtain rather than a solemn strut before parliament in the immortal "Sentry's Song".

Balancing this is the lighter play of the two young lovers (admirable how Sullivan keeps their music more or less pastoral throughout). Louis Maskell with his matinee-idol looks also has vocal and dramatic presence, sounds as yet a bit short-winded, but once he's decided what exactly he wants to be, his career is surely going to be a brilliant one. Against him, Alan Richardson has some shrill soubrette stuff to deal with as another of Gilbert's sly ingénues, but again manages to be both appealing and dignified - a lovely performance. 041b061a72


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