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Buy Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Regardless of the event, Pink Kimberley has the perfect pink diamond ring for you, or for the one you love. Whether it is a delicate blush pink diamond ring you have your heart set on, or a vivid dark pink stone, pink Argyle diamonds are sure to impress. Our proud, Australian owned business specialises in the art of designing bespoke Argyle pink diamond rings and timeless engagement rings that will be sure to turn heads. Each piece has been carefully crafted from handpicked white diamonds and Australia's renowned and rare Argyle pink diamonds. Every ring from the Pink Kimberley collection is the pinnacle of luxury.

buy pink diamond engagement ring

Influenced by our rich Australian heritage, our show stopping pink diamond rings are designed to leave a lasting imprint in your life. With our rare and luxurious stones naturally emulating the vibrant pink tones of our great Australian sunset, you can take your very own piece of Australian geological history everywhere you go. Honour every special moment with our award-winning contemporary Australian designed Argyle pink diamond rings.

Ever wondered why Argyle pink diamonds are such a tantalising investment opportunity? Investors have long safeguarded the secret and prestige behind these diamonds, but we believe that our heritage should be accessible to all. Even the smallest of diamonds could potentially see a return. Read more about our diamonds in our educational blogs below:

The value of a diamond will depend on their cut, carat, clarity and most importantly, their colour. As a general rule, the more intense the colour, the more valuable the diamond. While a 1 carat pale pink diamond could sell for $10,000 AUD, a more vibrant 1 carat pink diamond could easily be valued more than $1,000,000 AUD.

A pink diamond makes for the perfect engagement ring to truly delight your loved one and elevate that special moment. Due to their extremely rare and magnificent nature, the pink diamond can be considered the ultimate symbol of opulence, luxury and love. A pink diamond engagement ring is the ideal addition to your unforgettable proposal.

PINK KIMBERLEY combines the natural beauty of Argyle pink diamonds with award winning Australian contemporary design. It was named after the precious stones central to the design and the place where they are found.

Though pink diamonds may be smaller than the rocks they usually would afford, they are still in high demand among celebrities. Jennifer Lopez famously started a craze back in 2002 with her first Bennifer engagement ring from Ben Affleck, although, after a 20-year split, the pair were engaged again and finally married, this time with a green diamond.

Among the fortunate ones with pink diamond rings are tennis champion Anna Kournikova, actresses Margot Robbie and Blake Lively, and fashion designer Victoria Beckham. Pink is synonymous with being sweet and girly, but none of these icons are so easy to stereotype. These women are strong, and powerful, and always shine bright like the rare gems on their fingers.

Legendary British Jeweler Graff is known for their designs featuring pink diamonds. According to the luxury brand, some of these stones are once-in-a-lifetime discoveries. The phenomenal 16.88-carat Internally Flawless Fancy Intense Pink emerald-cut diamond ring is one of them, complemented by heart-shaped white diamond side stones. The same applies to the extraordinary 12.02-carat Fancy Vivid Pink Internally Flawless pear-shaped diamond ring. From a design standpoint, pink diamonds are center stage.

The ultimate flex is when pink completes pink. In another ring, Graff flanks a central 5.63-carat Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink pear-shaped diamond with two Fancy Intense Pink pear-shaped diamond side stones. The design aims to highlight the vibrant hue of the purple-pink center stone, cut from the famous Lesotho Pink, and contrast with the more traditional pink shade of the side stones.

If you had been captivated by their mesmerizing color and want to buy a pink diamond ring, you are at the right place for advice! Speaking from experience, I know that jewelry purchase can be really overwhelming; especially when you are dealing with such a big ticket item.

Now, let me tell you upfront that you should view colored diamonds graded by ANY other labs with suspicion. Unethical dealers may show you pink diamonds graded by EGL, IGI or any other obscure labs and lie through their teeth that they are the same.

Uncertified diamonds are a big no-no and this is the main reason why many consumers get scammed. Likewise, if someone claims to offer an unenhanced 1 carat pink diamond for only $2,000, you need to be smart and walk away.

This whopper of a ring costs $257,000 and it features a spectacular 1.71 carat GIA fancy purplish pink radiant diamond. The double halo surrounding the center stone not only enhances the size of the center stone, it also provides additional sparkle to the ring.

This two-tone gold engagement ring ($19,500) features a fancy light GIA purplish pink cushion cut diamond. At its center, the use of a rose gold halo setting creates a wonderful color contrast. With a clever combination of colored metal, it gives the viewer an illusion of a single large solitaire diamond.

This three-stone dress ring features a beautiful GIA certified fancy pink round brilliant cut. Together with a gorgeous pair of white diamonds on each side of the center stone, the ring resembles a bouquet of flowers that will last for an eternity.

A sublime light brownish pink diamond mounted in 18K rose gold with the use of a special mil-prong technique. This dainty ring is love at first sight and it packs a surprise too! The side of the head is decorated with intricate filigree scroll work and exudes an aura of elegance.

Spotting an opulent champagne pink color, the cushion cut diamond is mounted in a halo ring design. For additional sparkle, the sides of the ring are covered with pave set melees. Best of all, if you are looking for an affordable pink diamond ring, this little baby is yours for only $8385!

The solution to this problem is to shop for a loose diamond and picking out a ring setting separately. Not only does this give you better control of your ring design, you will also be able to cherry pick your own diamond!

At the end of the day, the best vendor that specializes in pink diamonds is Leibish and they have one of the most spectacular collections of Argyle diamonds which the win in bidding auctions every year.

If you are buying a pink diamond for investment purposes, you had better avoid Tiffany and Co because of their huge mark ups. I just want to be clear that when you say pink diamond ring, you are referring to a single large pink diamond at Tiffany & Co. instead of the multiple tiny melees that make up the ring setting. For investment purposes, you had best buy a pink diamond with a GIA grading report because of 2 reasons. One, it ensures the authenticity of the graded diamond. Two, when you need to sell the diamond, the GIA grading report is one that is trustworthy and makes your life easier when you try to close a deal.

Is it worth it to get a tiffany pink diamond engagement ring? The Soleste double halo ring with the pink circle of diamonds looks very unique and it seems like an affordable way to buy a 2 carat pink diamond ring.

Whenever you plan on proposing, presenting her (or him) with a pink diamond engagement ring speaks volumes about the beauty, rarity and mystery of your love. These four reasons are a great guide to help you choose an incredible pink diamond engagement ring.

The discovery of a large pink diamond is an important event that captures the attention and imagination gem professionals and enthusiasts. In November 2015, jewelry trade magazines excitedly reported the discovery of a 23.16 ct pink diamond rough from the Williamson mine in Tanzania. Petra Diamonds Limited, owner of the mine, subsequently sold the rough diamond for US $433,938 per carat, or nearly US $10.1 million.

Scientists theorize that the color in a pink diamond is caused by color centers. Color centers can selectively absorb light in the visible region of the spectrum. They are the result of lattice defects, or imperfections in the arrangement of the atoms in a crystal. These defects can sometimes cause pink graining in the diamond crystal. The intensity of the color depends on the amount of pink graining present.

We hope this guide to four reasons for choosing a pink diamond engagement ring has inspired your imagination. Wonder how light affects the appearance of diamonds? The great impressionist painter Claude Monet observed how light affects our surroundings, and GIA studied how light affects diamond appearance.

Queen Elizabeth also owns a famous pink diamond, the Williamson Pink, a 23.6 carat pink diamond mined in Tanzania given to her as a wedding present in 1947. It is set in the center of a floral brooch.

While we know the color of blue diamonds is due to trace amounts of boron and the color of yellow diamonds is thanks to nitrogen, the color of pink diamonds is a bit of a mystery. Scientists think it has something to do with extreme pressure altering the crystal lattice.

The most important quality factor for pink diamonds is the saturation, or intensity, of the color. The GIA color grading scale for pink diamonds begins with Faint, Very Light, and Light and then continues into the coveted fancy pink colors: Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid. Fancy Deep or Fancy Dark may be used to describe diamonds that have a strong color but not as much saturation as Fancy Intense Pink and Fancy Vivid Pink diamonds. The price per carat jumps significantly between the Fancy Light and the Fancy color grades.

Pink diamonds can also have a secondary hue, most commonly brown, orange, or purple. The last color mentioned on a GIA report is the dominant color. The GIA uses an adjective for the color when the secondary color is slight and a noun for the color when it is more apparent. So an orangy pink diamond is primarily pink with a slight modifying tone of orange but an orange pink diamond, although still primarily pink, has a more noticeable orange tint. Pink diamonds with brown secondary colors are worth less. Pink diamonds with purple secondary colors are more rare than pinks with orange secondary colors. In the world of fancy colored diamonds, small differences in color can result in large differences in the price per carat. 041b061a72


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