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Creature Creator

The Spore Creature Creator is a software that allows players to create their own creatures with a standalone version of the Creature Editor from Spore; the software was one of the first aspects of the game to receive focused development, and underwent ten rewrites since the start of development.[1] It was rated E by the ESRB in early March 2008, indicating that the editor would be released separately well before the game's release as a utility program. Electronic Arts told MTV Asia that "EA Screen will provide visitors a chance to interact with EA's game producers hailing from the studios, and unveil the hugely anticipated SPORE Creature Creator demo version to gamers for the first time in Asia."[2] Electronic Arts VP Mark Buechner stated on the Spore Facebook page that the editor would be released in June or July 2008, saying, "We are looking at releasing it two to three months before the launch of the full game."[citation needed]

Creature Creator

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The SimCity Box artwork showed a blurb stating that the creature editor would be included with it.[3] IGN revealed that the Spore Creature Creator utility would be available in two different versions on June 17, 2008.[4] There was a paid version (for $9.95) and a free demo that was downloadable from and included for free, bundled with The SimCity Box. The free version of the editor only contained 25% of the available creature parts that were found within the full version. In Australia, on August 30, 2008, three state newspapers owned by News Limited offered the full version either free or for $2.[5]

The utility includes a test environment for players to see their creatures go through animations and allowed the player to import other user-created creatures through the Sporepedia at The utility included screen capture and video tools as well,[4] including YouTube functionality.[6] The editor also gave the user the ability to create animated avatars,[7] and output in RSS and embeddable HTML code to facilitate easy incorporation into such sites as MySpace and Facebook.[8] The software is automatically superseded by Spore when it is installed, since the Creature editor is already present on the game.

Shortly after its introduction, the Creature Creator was used to create creatures with oversized genitalia, either stand-alone or engaged in coitus (a phenomenon quickly dubbed "sporn").[9] EA responded with e-mails sent to those who made pornographic machinima from its demo, and has flagged certain on-line accounts for "TOS violations".[10] Furthermore, YouTube pulled several such videos for violations of its own TOS.[11]

By June 24, 2008, users had already uploaded over one million creatures to the site.[citation needed] During Electronic Arts' E3 2008 presentation on July 14, 2008, Wright humorously noted that fans had done God's work at 38% efficiency by creating the same number of currently known species on Earth, 1,589,000, in about 18 days, compared to God's 6 days.[12] When Spore debuted on September 1, 2008, over 3 million creatures had been added to the Sporepedia via the Spore Creature Creator.

The Creature Creator (known as Creature Editor before it was changed in the final game) is a type of creature creator appeared in Spore series that allows players to create and modify creatures. Creatures consist of a malleable body with an underlying spine, which can be sculpted in a variety of ways. Any of 228 functional parts can then be added onto the body, and be reshaped themselves.

Where the creature is sculpted and functional parts can be attached. This mode is where parts can be changed, and the spine can be altered. It shows the creature in its base colour, without patterns or part colours.

The Paint Mode is an integral part of the Creature Creator and operates on the simple premise of selecting a color and texture, which the computer will then procedurally apply to the creature. In addition to the basic texture, three levels of overlay are available for things such as Base, Coat, and Detail.

The Testing Drive is a small arena in which the created creature is brought to life. Here the player can preview animations example of movement, action, etc. The player can also change background, add babies, screenshot, and record the creature.

To the left of the Editing screen are the seven palettes (categories) containing 228 functional parts that can be attached to a creature. Each palette contains up to four columns with up to ten parts in each.

The editing interface also includes, in the bottom left, an indicator of the amount of evolutionary credits (DNA points) currently available to the player for use in creature creating. All creature parts have an associated cost, which reflects their efficiency and effect on the creature's rating. The further to the right a creature part appears in the list that opens on clicking a category button, the more expensive it is to buy and the higher level ability it offers (in most cases).

Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack was the first and only parts pack released worldwide. Contrary to the name, however, it has three themes: Cute, Goofy, and Creepy. Galactic Adventures, Spore's expansion pack, has no new Creature Editor parts, but does have a new Captain Outfitter with all the Outfitter clothes and 32 new Captain Parts, along with a new paint option for creatures that will be turned into Captains. This paint job is a parody of the Red Shirt from Star Trek.

Creature Creator for Genesis 2 Female(s) gives you the ability to transform your Genesis 2 Females into just about any beast, alien, demon, monster or humanoid creature you can dream up. With a massive collection of unique and terrifying features, including five bodies, 23 heads, 11 partial bodies, 56 partial heads, and much more, you're creatures will be more realistic and frightening than ever before.

The player starts with a colored blob. This blob has a spine in it through which it can be modified in both in form and size. Once the basic look of the creature is complete, the player can choose from seven different categories of parts. From mouth, over legs to decorative objects including a shark fin, dozens of items can be applied to the blob to form a living creature. The player is only limited by the available DNA points and the complexity of the creature. If the creature is already too complex in having too many body parts, the player cannot add any more to it. Each body part also increases the stats like attack rating or speed of the creature, which is irrelevant for this edition but important later for the main game. Once the creature is finished, the last steps are putting paint on it by choosing from different colors and shapes, and giving the creature a name.

Once a basic creature with the minimal body parts has been created, it can also be tested in a small arena. There the player can let it perform several different moves like attacking or dancing to look if the creature looks good in any situation. It is even possible to spawn up to three children of the creature to see how they look like. In this mode the player can also make screenshots, create avatars or film the creature while it does its moves. The editor offers the possibility to send the screenshots to a friend via mail or upload the videos directly to YouTube.

Spore Creature Creator also features the Sporepedia, a catalog of every creature created by the player, the developer or, if there is an online connection, the whole world. There the player can also choose to upload his creatures to the online catalog which then can be accessed from the official Spore homepage.

Become an explorer of the Strawbees animal kingdom! The Creature Creator kit includes 400 pieces, two pairs of feet, and two sets of eyes that can change to reflect the mood of your creatures. With the help of the booklet, you can build Strawbees creatures that can adapt to different habitats! 041b061a72


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