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[S1E10] My Moon My Man

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All that had stemmed out of an unhappy, ordinary life eking out an existence in the sprawl of Night City. In the epilogue, Lucy finally buys a ticket to the moon and takes a lunar tour that she and David always dreamed of.

During the fighting, Faraday is knocked off the tower and falls to his death, while Rebecca is killed by Adam Smasher. David tasks Falco with ensuring Lucy escapes while he stays behind to hold off Adam Smasher. Despite having the cyberskeleton, David is no match for Adam Smasher and is quickly taken down and killed, though he has no regrets with the knowledge that Lucy is safe. Sometime later, Lucy fulfills her dream of traveling to the moon, but is broken hearted that David is not there with her.

On the Moon, Ben watches comets. He exclaims that he is happy with his new love interest, creating a heart-shaped crater on the moon's surface, to which Hank notices from Earth. Eventually, Ben was ready to watch the sunset on the moon, but he is confronted by another man who claims to be the moon's partner. Ben leaves the Moon for cheating and decides to return back to Earth.

The friends find Tom on the driveway. Tom says that he regrets trying to run the company without Ben. He wishes that he had only had a chance to say goodbye to Ben. Just then, Ben appears on the driveway with a suitcase, having returned from the moon. The friends are excited to see him again, and Tom and Ben go back to working on the "Talking Tomtom" idea.

The Soviet astronaut, wakes up, bound to a wall by Ed. Ed orders him to speak English; Mikhail (who Ed continues to call "Ivan", a stereotypical name for a Russian male) asks Ed why he had cut off his oxygen, but Ed ignores the question and asks him what he was doing in his mine. The Soviet tells him he was not looking for anything there, and Ed asks him what the device he had left there since it was his territory. Mikhail, however, tells him that the moon belongs to everybody and counters the fact that if it depended on who was there first, then a Russian man had landed on the moon first and had even said that the moon belonged to everybody. Edward remembered it differently, but Mikhail told him that there was enough ice for everyone. Ed asks him what he had been doing, but Mikhail told him that he could not tell him and should be let go since his compatriots would be looking for him. Soon Ed told him that he knew they only had one rover and walked away.

It seemed Ellen and Deke were now heading towards the moon and were moving very fast. Ellen switched to manual, but depleted the SPS and they did not make it by thirty feet. However, in mission control Margo stumbled upon everybody celebrating since they now knew they were alive. Aleida went to NASA and saw Margo, who was still working. 781b155fdc


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