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You often hear the phrase, "full frontal nudity" used when describing a photo shoot. That is an advertising and publicity slogan that is often used to denote a situation where the female is completely unashamed, flaunting her body. That is not always the case. When the label is used in the context of poses for photography, most models are totally unaware of the use of the label. And besides, few would disagree that posing in the nude is not only art, but it is a normal human need for self-expression.

In the book How to Look Normal by Jenny Bourne, the author talks of how many women have a strong desire to be normal. The book describes how to carry yourself in the public sphere in a such a way that confuses the normal public as to how you should be behaving. It is not about some actual people, it is not about you being specific about your real life, it is just a way in which many people think about perfect normalcy.

In the book True Girlz by Aikaterini Stavropoulou, the author talks of "the idealised, unabashed image of the female - the girl in her own fantasy, who sees things as she does, and who is immune to all the social complexities of everyday life" (64). Here the author is saying that when a girl is perceived as that perfect image of normalcy, we as adults can go into the wardrobe of our minds and pick out the image and enjoy the voyeuristic glamour of such a perfect image. Not only does this seem to be the first time such an image is used in such a fashion, but there is also something sexual about it. But most girls do not have such an image in their minds, but a plain and normal image as most of us have. This image is, to many girls, just normal.

As with all the games in the series, the quality and depth of the game stands out. The sound is quite good for being a demo version, and the graphics are competent enough. I was able to import my old 5 star players from last season, although the transfer fees and wages were fairly high. I then moved to getting a top 4 finish this season, the players all returning full of potential. I added Easteru to my squad in mid-season. After winning the 'Players of the Month' competition, and the league championship at the end of the season, I'm beginning to feel like a real gladiator, fighting for the final spot. d2c66b5586


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