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nullDC 104 r136 BIOS.7z: Everything You Need to Know About Dreamcast Emulation

now we are going to create a shortcut to the nulldc emulator. select all the game files again by pressing ctrl+a. click on the - sign located on the upper left corner of the 7-zip program window. once you click the - sign a copy to pop-up window will appear. click on the three horizontal dots then locate the games folder (again) under the folder of nulldc emulator folder. then click okay of the browse for folder window and copy to window.

nullDC 104 r136 BIOS.7z

Download File:

double-click on nulldc.exe to run the emulator. the emulator will start, waiting for the user's input (pressing start or select). the emulator will create a folder called nulldc_104_r136 in your system directory. once the emulator has run, you will be prompted to select an existing folder to use as a save directory. select this folder and press start to boot the emulator. the game will run and you can play your game. of course, you will not be able to use the debugger, but at least you can play games.

if you want to modify the settings of the emulator, you can go to the directory that you created earlier. from there, press ctrl+c to exit from the program. then, change the settings using setup.exe in the nulldc_104_r136\asm directory. for the most part, all of the settings are explained in that readme file.


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