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Buy Laser Wire

Laser Wire Systems are the thinnest, most flexible, longest lasting, linear accent lighting product available on the market today. The system comprises of two major components, the wire, and the laser module. When combined, the specialized laser module sends an even light throughout the line, illuminating the wire beautifully.

buy laser wire

If you know and love EL Wire, then Laser Wire will blow your mind. With brighter light output (about 4x-10x the brightness), less power consumption, better bending properties, lighter in weight, thinner, longer lifespan, and has a more natural flexibility, Laser Wire brand cable is the newest, coolest lighting product of the decade.Laser Wire at its core is an optical glass fiber, coupled to a sophisticated laser module, which is specifically built and designed by Future Illuminations to maximize the brightness out of the wire. Laser Wire kits come in two different varieties: a plug in kit with your choice of laser color, which connects to any USB power supply, laptop, cell phone charger, automotive USB plug and more. The second option is a unique portable battery operated kit which can be used while on the go. Accent clothing, backpacks, costumes, among countless other things. The DualDrive option which utilizes each end of the fiber for spectacular effects. When DualDrive kits are used properly, you can double the brightness of the wire, or add a different color to each side giving you amazing color changing effects and color gradients, never before possible with ANY lighting technology on the planet. By sending two laser modules through different fade or blink modes unlocks the true potential of the kit, giving you beautiful back and forth color gradients which can be used to enhance a product, trade show display, Point of Purchase display, event, signage, safety and more.What is Laser Wire exactly? Laser Wire is an optical glass that is so fine, the bending properties mimic more closely to a wet noodle than a wire. Because there is no electricity that streams through it, it's perfectly safe to the touch, and can be sewn into fabrics, clothing, safety wear, automotive applications and much, much more. If you have thought fiber optics leave something to be desired, then take a look at Laser Wire brand cable. We guarantee you will be impressed.The cable itself is easy to use, lasts a long time, and is easy to replace. Because the light source is independent from the wire, making fixes on the fly, or to permanent installations is easy. Simply unplug the current module and replace. For questions on implementing Laser Wire systems on your next wearables project, to OEM a private #laserwire project, or to find out more information, call or email us.

The M-100L is completely microprocessor controlled, high speed (up to 100 feet per minute), fully automatic, solid state UV laser wire and cable marking system. It features PC compatible controller with Windows operating system.

To begin your laser wire marking order, you must first log in to your account. Once logged in, follow our form and submit to initiate our custom laser wire marking quote. One of our customer service representatives will contact you with a quote and for approval to submit the order. If you prefer to fill out one of our spreadsheet order forms, download the EDMO Laser Wire Marking file from the link below. Email your completed form to and a sales rep will follow up with a quote.

  • Provides control of all system functionality, laser parameters, gas flow, and monitoring of safety interlock circuits.

  • Interface via front panel controls and Ethernet port web-page GUI with programs selection

The laser welder creates a concentrated amplified light beam that intensely heats the metal it is targeted towards. Laser wire of the same alloy can then be introduced to complete the repairs or alterations.

Morris and Watson fabricates laser wire in 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm diameters, across most alloys and colors. There is a 5 gram order minimum for alloys and gauges not held in stock which need to be fabricated on demand.

Hello,Lowrider2 has been doing hard work and it is a great machine, i looked in the forums for advice on laser builds for lowrider 2 and found some great stuff, concerning my build, lowrider is controlled by a minirambo and table is 2500mm x 1420mm.

You want stranded copper wire. The gauge of the wire will depend on the amps that your laser draws and the maximum run of wire between the 12V power supply and your laser. The size of your table is part of it, but where you mount the supply also plays a role in the distance. Here is a voltage drop calculator you can use to calculate voltage loss given a distance, amperage, and wire gauge: -drop-calculator.html?material=copper&wiresize=20.95&voltage=12&phase=dc&noofconductor=1&distance=6&distanceunit=feet&amperes=2&x=65&y=18

Note that the signal line only draws a tiny fraction of the current of the laser unit, so that wire could be smaller. Usually for connecting things I try to use multi-conductor, color coded wire to keep things neat and simple. If you are going to use a higher power laser with a longer run, a cheaper and tougher solution might be to buy a MAINS 3-conductor power cord and clip off the ends.

Stranded wire just means that inside the insulation there are many strands that make up the wire. If a wire is put in place and not moved, then it is often solid core wire like the wiring in your home or the wiring between the door bell button and the bell, or the wires between your thermostat and your furnace. Any time the wire has the potential to move, stranded wire is a better choice. It can be fatigued much more before it begins to break, so in a CNC machine where the wires are moving, stranded is called for. Fortunately a overwhelming majority of hookup wire sold is stranded. Example: .

would this laser kit be a better choice : =a2g0w.search0302.3.62.16806ab3fQc4a1&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_0,searchweb201603_0,ppcSwitch_0&algo_pvid=c2257ded-811a-4cd7-8a57-0dbb7eb16c5a&algo_expid=c2257ded-811a-4cd7-8a57-0dbb7eb16c5a-8

MIG welding requires consumable wire, material pre-cleaning and beveled joints for thick metals for full penetration. Travel and work angles are limited and vertical positions are extremely challenging.

I do an enormous amount of pulse arc welding, and continually develop new methods for better outcomes. If you've ever had trouble welding silver alloys, this wire will increase your productivity and give you outstanding results! Works on silver alloys and other metals including bronze and steel.

• I have been using Jeff's sterling/platinum wire for laser welding for years and absolutely love it! Jewelers often have issues welding silver and this wire is a game changer. Its color matches beautifully and I can hammer on my seams and the welds don't crack. Also, It requires 15% less power on my laser welder than standard sterling. Orders are always shipped out quickly and it is an essential wire in my shop. At this point, I won't ever be without it! Matt Tuggle, USA

• I got in touch with Jeff through Facebook about his Sterling/5% Platinum wire. He advised me to use this wire for laser welding. After a week I already had the wire at home. Obviously tried out immediately and indeed it welded nicely and without shrinkage cracks. After his tip, I also bought the speedwire and put the silver wire in the speedwire via the YouTube videos on his website. I am very happy with Jeff and was super quick to respond to questions. Jeroen Wagenaar, Netherlands

• I've tried the wire repairing a cuff bangle. Very impressed with the smooth flow of the wire in application. I feel the bond is superior as well a bit more malleable. Dean Irvine, Australia

• I ordered the silver/platinum wire because I had some filigree to repair. I was very hesitant to Puk this, because of the extremely fine wire of which the to be repaired object was made of. Jeff convinced me that I could do it with this wire and so I did. It works wonderful, it is very smooth and sticks to the silver really well. I was very surprised that is was so easy to do this repair with this wire, I wouldn’t be able to have done this with normal silver Puk wire. I highly recommend this wire for all silver Puking. Stephanie Kofmehl, Netherlands

1220B / 1221BThe 1220B cable is recommended for applications up to 4A (8A when both the LD and LD sense pins are wired together). The 1220B is also available as p/n 1221, which replaces the DB9F connector on the mount end with pigtailed wires, suitable for custom termination into your laser or mount. Both cables are constructed with twisted pair and therefore suitable for high modulation and QCW applications as well as CW operation.

1224A / 1224B / 1224CThe 1224 cables are designed specifically for use with mounted TO-Can laser diode packages. They feature a TO-can socket for 5.6mm and 9mm TO-cans. There are three different wiring styles (A, B, and C), so make sure you select the correct 1224 cable for your device.

1228C / 1229CThe 1228C cable is constructed with multiple twisted wires, and is suitable for operation up to 20A, and for modulation or QCW mode. The 1228C is also available as p/n 1229C, which replaces the 9W4F connector on the mount end with pigtailed wires, suitable for custom termination into your laser or mount.

1230 / 1231 The 1230 cable is constructed with multiple twisted wires, and is suitable for operation up to 20A, and for modulation or QCW mode. The 1230 is also available as p/n 1231, which replaces the 13W3 connector on the mount end with pigtailed wires, suitable for custom termination into your laser or mount.

1232 / 1233The 1232 cable is constructed with multiple twisted wires, and is suitable for operation up to 40A, and for modulation or QCW mode. The 1232 is also available as p/n 1233, which replaces the 13W3 connector on the mount end with pigtailed wires, suitable for custom termination into your laser or mount. 041b061a72


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