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Have had an order in for a 1040 solar from Amazon since the release in early June. Amazon listed the delivery date as unknown. Was curious if anyone knows when they will be available for the general public?

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Twitter allows users to update their profile via their mobile phone either by text messaging or by apps released for certain smartphones and tablets.[147] Twitter has been compared to a web-based Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client.[148] In a 2009 Time magazine essay, technology author Steven Johnson described the basic mechanics of Twitter as "remarkably simple":

On September 7, 2011, Twitter announced that it had 100 million active users logging in at least once a month and 50 million active users every day.[249] On March 31, 2014, Twitter announced that there were 255 million monthly active users (MAUs) and 198 million mobile MAUs.[250] In 2013, there were over 100 million users actively using Twitter daily and about 500 million tweets every day,[251] with about 29% of users checking Twitter multiple times a day.[252]As of Q1 2019[update], Twitter had more than 330 million monthly active users. The majority of Twitter users skew to the American political left.[253][254][15]

Apple tech support say it's too much traffic for their servers. Might have been smart to release the 2.0 software update yesterday in that case. Didn't Apple realise that all these new 3G phones and the original owners all trying to update at once was gonna cause problems with their servers?

As well, last night while checking to see if the new firmware was released a bit early, I got the iTunes update and did it. Then, for no good reason, I went to the iT store and bought a few albums. Downloading them was an absolute nightmare - every other song resulted in an error and my mbp spinning its cpus for many minutes at a time.

OK.............................. HERE WE GO.................. First i restored my phone.... to get rid of that initial jailbreak..... it restored to 1.1.4 and kept saying my software was up to date........................................ kept clicking check for updates.......... and BOOM!!!! itunes is now downloading the 2.0 software!! ........any minute now!!!!!!

my itunes update went fine, then it took a while to access the iphone 2.0 upgrade but then that downloaded no problem BUT NOW my iphone is in emergency call mode (like many posts here) and I keep clicking on my iphone in itunes and get a message that my itunes request cannot be completed because my network connection has been changed (which it has not to my knowledge) and to check the network connection and try again. I am able to go into my itunes account, the itunes store, etc. without any problem. My network connection is fine. I wanted to take a roadtrip this morning but am not going without my phone and so I am sitting at home staring at this computer. Any ideas?

Apple should have postpone the 2.0 update for 1G iphones while they release the new 3G iphone. I've been waiting 4 hours patiently to reactivate my iPhone but when both family & business communication is being interrupted someone should be accountable.

After over a dozen failures from "not able to access itunes store" and a dozen removals from the dock and resets and such, mine finally went through. Sync'd OK and phone was working but now its still updating music, videos, etc.. WHy on earth would Apple release the 2.0 update for the old 2.5G iPhone on the same day 58736578365489 people are going to be activating their new 3G iPhone?

I just was able to restore and then when I checked my phone it was still the old version so I went back to iTunes and it didn't show the newer version... anyone else have this problem? What are all of the steps involved in this update... I want to make sure I am doing this correctly

Well after 3 hours earlier this evening of trying to get it to work, I decided to switch of the pc and wait until later. I've just now connected it again and it is finally working, currently restoring music and videos. I have to say I think it is absolutely ridiculous that Apple decided to release the 3G and this update on the same day producing all of this traffic that they couldn't handle. I mean it's common sense to let the first gen iphone users update to 2.0 before the 3G is released. Apple made a huge mistake, and I really hope they learn from it.

I waited to try the 2.0 update for my 1st gen iphone and all I get when I check for updates is. Can not contact the server because you are not connected to the internet....I know I am now what!!!

This data layer provides access to Removal/Response sites as part of the CIMC web service. Removals are hazardous substance releases that require immediate or short-term response actions. These are generally addressed under the Emergency Response program and are initially tracked centrally by the federal government's National Reporting Center. Cleanups in My Community maps and lists removals that are included in EPA??s site, and provides direct links to information on these sites. CIMC obtains updated removal data through a web service from just before the 18th of each month.The CIMC web service was initially published in 2013, but the data are updated on the 18th of each month. The full schedule for data updates in CIMC is located here: _update_v2.


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