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Cosmoball Subtitles English

The premise is that Earth's environment got scrambled and its moon destroyed when a space armada fought an evil overlord named Cherno, who was cast deep below Earth's crust. In return, beleaguered humanity gained acceptance into the alien community, and the wounded planet is honored as the host/arena location for cosmoball, a soccer-like interspecies sport followed avidly by all intelligent worlds. But a closely guarded secret is that Cherno remains active in his underground prison. Balls used in cosmoball are actually weapon-salvos the supervillain conjures that can only be neutralized by being kicked around in a stadium match.

Cosmoball subtitles English


Anton (Evgeny Romantsov), an unpopular and accident-prone human teen, is secretly a chosen-one type, infused with one of Cherno's DNA inventions, and capable of teleportation. This latent talent earns him a place on Earth's own underdog cosmoball team, proceeding to the finals for the first time. But, via the machinations of Cherno's seductive daughter (Maria Lisovaya), Cherno uses Anton to sabotage the game. 041b061a72


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