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.midi To .mid

hi, thanks for your reply. i am working with a.mid file to produce a midi sound and it's working perfectly. i use the quicktime player to play the sound. i actually saved the sound into my cd as a format that won't convert. thats how i have it. thanks for your reply. i'll say you more later.

.midi To .mid


i don't know if any of you have ever edited a.midi file before, but i was wondering if you could help me out. i opened the files up in quicktime player, and i was just trying to see how the individual notes sounded like. i noticed that i could play any of the notes individually, but i was trying to get them all to play at once. i could play all of the notes at once if i recorded them into quicktime player, but i want the ability to play all at once. if you can't help me with this, can you at least tell me how many notes are in this file? i would need to know this in order to play them all at once.

hi everyone, i am using kontakt and have a problem opening midi files with it:.mid. when i open it in my media player and choose to play it, then i get an error message saying that the audio stream is unavailable. i have contacted kontakt and have not received a reply. i would like to find out how to fix the problem and make the midi file playable. i am using windows 7 64 bit pro.

this.mid file cannot be played. this is a problem that i have on multiple computers, and i have not been able to find a fix. i am using windows 7 64bit, and i have tried reinstalling midiplayer-plugin and vlc-plugin-pulse. please, if you can help, could you tell me how to fix this problem?


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